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Ranbaxy, 8 other companies fined Rs 1k cr

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MUMBAI: EU antitrust regulators on Wednesday imposed fines totalling 146 million euros (Rs 1,150 crore) on nine global drugmakers, including Ranbaxy, for blocking the supply of cheaper versions of Danish co ...

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Fortis ex-CEOs fined for misleading markets


BRUSSELS: Two ex-chief executives of former financial services group Fortis were fined by the Belgian regulator on for failing to inform markets properly in the run-up to the company’s 2008 collapse. Jean-Paul Votron, Fortis chief f ...
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"Agreements of this type directly harm patients and national health systems, which are already under tight budgetary constraints ... The Commission will not tolerate such anticompetitive practices."

Source: Times of India

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Can the UK ease Europe's deadlock on GM crops?

Source: New Scientist

Paterson believes that farmers in Europe, and more specifically in the UK, are missing out on crops that could simultaneously improve yields and make farming less harmful to the environment. He says that elsewhere in the world, GM crops have enabl ...
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Fares for English Channel Tunnel Are Too High, Europe Says

Source: The New York Times

Eurostar train tickets between London and Paris are notoriously costly — too costly, European regulators declared Thursday. The European Commission warned Britain and France, which together regulate the company that operates the tu ...
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Google Threatened to Change Privacy Policy by French Watchdog or Pay Fines

Source: DailyTech

Google has three months to do so France is giving Google two options when it comes up to its privacy policy: make changes, or pay up. French data protection watchdog CNIL told Google that it has three months to make ...
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EU conservatives want focus on youth unemployment

Source: EUbusiness

(VIENNA) - European Union conservatives agreed Thursday that next week's summit of the bloc's leaders should focus on what European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso called the "urgent" problem of youth unemployment. "Urgent action is needed be ...
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EU Says Eurotunnel Charging Excessive Rates for Trucks, Trains

Source: The Journal of Commerce

The European Union accused Eurotunnel of charging “excessive” rates for trucks and freight trains to use its sub-sea link between the UK and France. The European Commission, the EU’s executive, gave the UK and France, which jointly regulate Eurotunnel, ...
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Charlemagne: Blaming the referee

Source: Economist

A REFEREE does not expect to be liked. Earning the players’ respect is enough. But in the European political game everybody is now hacking the shins of José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission. The French are furious t ...
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"Free media as condition for EU integration"

Source: B92

BRUSSELS -- EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule has said that free media are one of the main conditions for EU integration of candidate countries. Strong democracy is a condition for accession and the freedom of the media is the best i ...
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