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Edward Snowden’s WikiLeaks Statement is Real or Not?

The runaway whistle blower, Edward Snowden has in a WikiLeaks statement expressed his sincerity and honesty. Snowden states that the United States has deceived the public which relies on it for justice and fair play. He also blamed Obama administration for blocking his efforts to seek asylum. But the authenticity of this statement is questioned on Twitter.

Jul 2 2013, 5:18am CDT | by

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Edward Snowden Sends Statement to WikiLeaks

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Edward Snowden’s WikiLeaks Statement is Real or Not?

Edward Snowden Sends Statement to WikiLeaks

A couple of days after he landed at Moscow Airport, the man who spilled the beans on the NSA, sent an open letter to WikiLeaks. It mentions that people who say that the Emperor is naked have no nation, power or freedom. Also the Obama administration is blamed for not providing political asylum where it is deserved. He speaks in the letter of how it became clear to him that his liberty and security were both under dire threat. The few family members and odd friends who helped him in his time of need are mentioned in this statement. President Obama was said to have reneged on his promise too. He was now pressurizing other nations not to grant asylum to Snowden.

Snowden furthermore spoke of how this was not justice. The tools being used by big government were for political aggression and bullying. They were meant to intimidate powerless people like him. He blamed his country for not living up to its traditions of being the world’s #1 refuge for asylum seekers. The Obama presidency had been criticized for revoking the citizenship of any person whom it didn’t see eye to eye with. The fact that they had annulled Snowden’s passport was proof of this. Denial of the right to asylum was the ultimate punishment. It was a form of social and political ostracism.

Snowden finally said that Obama wasn’t afraid of him. He and his cronies were in fact afraid of the angry and furious public. They were a bigger threat to the government than he was. Edward Snowden remained unrepentant till the end. He says that he has a clear conscience. It seems the man may be right. He has done the right thing by letting the cat out of the bag. But what appears to be unclear is if the letter by Snowden is genuine or not. It could be a fake or forgery.

The open letter sparked off a heated debate on Twitter. The focus was the syntax which was odd for an American. It somehow didn’t match the real speech or text commonly used by Snowden. Of course, it is a whole other thing that people say things they do not mean when under stress. They may even undergo personality changes that make them different from what they were once upon a time. Whatever the case may be, Edward Snowden still deserves a heroic fanfare. His valiant effort at uncovering how the US government was bamboozling the gullible public remains commendable indeed.

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Wyden calls for constitutional protection for electronic records that go through third party

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Snowden believes NSA’s still tracking his communications

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