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Top 5 Apple Rumors

Apple has its share of hearsay and gossip that goes on among its wide consumer base. The top 5 rumors that are doing the rounds these days will get you thinking and ruminating about Apple Incorporated in no time!

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Top 5 Apple Rumors

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Top 5 Apple Rumors

Apple is a big name that always focuses on latest technology trends. This is the one giant firm that always remains in rumors regarding its upcoming products, software's and other services. Described below is the hot Apple Rumors round up. It includes the most talked about Apple device i.e. its upcoming iPhone 5S or also called iPhone6, iPad mini retina display, low cost iPhone ($99 approximately), iWatch and TWC Apple TV deal. Take a look at all of these one by one.


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Top 5 Apple RumorsTop 5 Apple RumorsTop 5 Apple Rumors

Rumor #1: The iPhone 5S has something about it that makes the heart skip a beat.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is supposed to enter as a successor to the iPhone 5. It is said to have: an A7 processor with a fully functional chip inside it; an upgraded 3.8 volt lithium ion polymer battery; a spanking new dual LED flash that is lentil-shaped; a slow mo camera termed so aptly the “Mogul” and finally a finger print detector that contains a smart sensor. For one thing, it is said to come at an exorbitant rate. This is no cheap second-hand deadbeat device. According to ibtimes, there are said to be 5 bright shiny colors in which it comes. It will also feature iOS 7. The expectations for it are that it will arrive a year from now. Keep your fingers crossed.

Rumor #2: A future Apple iWatch will really carry the wow factor with it.

The features of an iWatch are too unbelievable to even start contemplating. It will have a curved screen and fit on the wrist of the wearer like a leather strap or arm band. Besides an automation system, mini battery, heart rate calculator, calorimeter, diabetes monitor, clinical thermometer, alert and emergency status, network, interface, remote control, Bluetooth and humidity sensor it is also (as usual) going to double up as a time telling device. Especially the biometric features make the iWatch shine like no other device in the market. A user identity mechanism comes with this futuristic chronometer too. According to AppleInsider, the patent has been applied for in Mexico and Taiwan too along with Russia and Japan. The release date has been set for 2014. Knock on wood.

Rumor #3:  According to the grapevine, Apple is said to have some cheap iPhones which will be ideal for those individuals who are on a shoestring budget.

They are low cost polymer iPhones which come in eye-catching choices of neon bubblegum hues. They resemble the iPhone 5 and that is the paradox that they don’t look cheap despite the least amount of financial burden they place on the consumer. The factor that fits so much into so little space is the hallmark of Apple. It is about smartness and sensuality in design. Form truly follows function at the corporation named after the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. The 3D Flyover exists in the Maps app. Then there is AirPlay Mirroring. As for the 3G data speeds they will have the device whirring away at full tilt. Since Apple has been known for quality these iPhones won’t be as cheap as the cheapest stuff on the store shelves. According to ArsTechnica, they will be mid-end devices. Apple is said to be importing the materials out of which these slashed price gadgets will be made. A website called Techdy has posted a hands-on video for this rumored "low-cost iPhone" last week. We can not verify the rumor though but it does make a sense to watch. Take a look at this video.

Rumor #4: The iPad Mini 2 is said to arrive on the high tech scene this year. That’ll be something to look forward to!

Though it is a bit of a latecomer, as the saying goes: better late than never. And it will be worth the wait. That is definite. The iPad Mini available right now in the market does not have a Retina Display System. But the upcoming one will feature it though. It will cost pretty much the same as the previous one. The price is almost $330. According to Enstarz, a more advanced camera will be fitted into its structure. The iPad Mini 2 will replace the former model like the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 will be undergoing makeovers. A full-fledged iOS 7 will be operating on this baby. The gamers will be going wild with joy. It will also be durable and have a long life which says a lot.

Rumor #5: A deal between Apple and Time Warner Cable will lend subscribers of cable television a whole lot of services via Apple TV.

Both companies are entering negotiations regarding a deal. It is still all hushed up yet the rumor mill is in full swing. One of Hulu’s executives has been hired too by Apple with regard to this deal. The fact that two heads are better than one counts here. This could be the first such pact Apple has made with a cable company. An effort will be made to provide the best entertainment and information to viewers. According to Bloomberg, television will never be the same again. All couch potatoes have been warned!

So these were the 5 rumors that have been spread throughout the global village thanks to the fans and fanatics that absolutely adore Apple. I can almost see Steve Jobs’ ghost smiling from up above!

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