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Hottest Weekend Stories In Apple News

A recap of Apple news from this past weekend

Jul 22 2013, 5:20pm CDT | by

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iPhone 5S Production Underway, Chip Orders Increase
iPhone 5S copies

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Hottest Weekend Stories In Apple News

Today's Apple news and rumors come from this past week and weekend. Mondays are not necessarily the most loved day of the week; on days such as these, it is usually a good idea to recap stories from the weekend that readers may have missed. If you are like me, you have family commitments on the weekends that keep you away from your computer until Monday morning. In times such as these, it is usually good to be able to access news stories from the last few days so that you do not feel as though you've been left behind. We are honored to bring you the latest in Apple news.

First on the list of rumor concerns the long-rumored budget iPhone. According to top sources, we believe the new budget iPhone will come in two versions (one LTE, the other 4G wireless), allowing Apple to gain a foothold in developing countries where our favorite fruit company has not been successful. This will also be a good move for Apple to market the new iPhone beyond America to Europe and other industrialized nations as well.

To aid in the arrival of iOS 7, Apple has decided to purchase two new mapping companies, HopStop and Locationary, companies that will help with real-time traffic conditions and business location data. Locationary is known as "the Wikipedia of business listings," so Apple will gain an invaluable foothold in business listings in the near future. We think that these changes will be surprise features in iOS 7 that we have yet to see. Apple is making further changes to its 3D Maps in order to sway customers to remain with iOS 7. This is the same rationale behind the company's move to expand its restricted tabs to "unlimited" in Safari as well as add some sort of AirDrop file sharing service (in order to compete with Google's Near Field Communication and Google's Chrome OS).

On the iPhone 5S front, Apple has more than doubled its chip orders, leading us to believe that the iPhone 5S has hit production and will certainly make it to September in smooth fashion. Last but not least comes some recent rumors from tech site BGR, who believes that Apple will bring LiquidMetal casing and sapphire glass displays to the iPhone 5S. The sapphire glass display rumor, unfortunately, was defeated a few weeks ago; as for LiquidMetal casing, it's possible but not probable. LiquidMetal casing is an eighteen-month-old rumor that has yet to be fulfilled. This does not mean that Apple can't do it, but the company has refused to do so at this time for its own reasons.

For all these stories and more, please visit for all your breaking Apple News and Rumors on what our favorite fruit company is up to next. Thanks for reading, and we'll be back tomorrow with more of your favorite news. 


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