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Hottest Apple Stories of the Day for July 24, 2013

Apple stories for Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jul 24 2013, 5:43pm CDT | by

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Apple's iPhone earnings in Q3 were astounding
Apple iPhone 5 running iOS 7

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Hottest Apple Stories of the Day for July 24, 2013


Today is all about Apple rumors. First off, tech site DigiTimes says that Apple will use dual ITO , known as “ditto” or GF2,” in its iPad 5. Apple already used this technology last year in its first iPad Mini, but the large iPad has not had a transformation since its introduction in 2009 – four years ago. Apple is looking to let its larger iPad “lose some weight” in the iPad 5 so as to increase its larger tablet sales. Not only has the iPad Mini cannibalized iPad sales, it also costs less and does not make as much profit for Apple as the company would like to make. It has been a popular product, but Apple wants its tablet sales to be not only popular, but also profitable


As for the type of liquid crystal display Apple will use, two choices are given: low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) or oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs). The low-temperature panels are thin-film transistors as well, but display panel maker Sharp believes that its new oxide TFTs conserve battery better than LTPS displays. LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, additional manufacturers for Apple, disagree and want to use the tried-and-true LTPS displays for Apple’s iPad Mini 2. Samsung has presented a sample of its display to Apple, so we think that Apple may go with LG’s and Samsung’s LTPS displays and leave Sharp’s oxide TFTs alone – although we can’t be certain. 


In Apple news, our favorite fruit company had a successful Q3, in which it sold 5 million more iPhones than it did in the same quarter in 2012 – a sign that the iPhone has still “got its groove” with consumers. The company sold approximately 3 million iPads fewer than Q3 2012 (14.6 million vs. 17 million, respectively), and sold nearly 2 million fewer iPods than it did in Q3 2012 (4.9 million vs. 6.8 million). At the same time, these numbers are still rather impressive for Apple and show that, in these hard economic times, there is further room for Apple products in every home and life. 


To add to its excellent numbers, Apple also celebrated its 1 billionth podcast subscription this week, with a special iTunes section that recounts many of the top podcasts from 2005 forward. This is the eighth year that Apple has watched over its podcast collection. 


This has been another excellent day in Apple news and rumors. For more information, visit Apple Balla for more details. Have a great day!



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