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$299 Google Glass is Not Coming to Best Buy in 2014

Certain rumors had been doing the rounds recently. They were about Google Glass coming to Best Buy stores for $299. But they turned out to be false and have been quashed.

Aug 24 2013, 8:07am CDT | by

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$299 Google Glass is Not Coming to Best Buy in 2014

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$299 Google Glass is Not Coming to Best Buy in 2014

$299 Google Glass is Not Coming to Best Buy in 2014
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Rumors have the ability to masquerade as truth. Yet all it takes is the needle of reality to pop the bubble of falsehood. Take the one about Google Glass arriving in Best Buy stores and that too for $299. Both were fake statements. There was even talk of a lot of space being dedicated to the product in the Best Buy storage quota. The capacity was said to be 6000 square feet to be exact. That’s a pretty huge number. Yet the size of a Best Buy store is 45,000 square feet. Google Glass is totally different from anything else on the market. It is a one of a kind device that you can’t find a simile for. So this was news for a while.  

While the whole thing turned out to have been exaggerated bosh and tosh, the fact of the matter is that Best Buy is still open to the idea. It may not be collaborating anymore, yet that does not mean it has closed its doors on the product par excellence. Both Best Buy and Google Glass have a lot to gain from each other. The possibility of a rapprochement cannot be ruled out. At least not in the long run that is. Rumors too can be reheated in the microwave of change for later times. And though this one seems to have been too good to be true, it may enter the realm of facts after some duration.

Source: TechCrunch


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Update: 6

Google Glass hops into business with tech partners

Source: CNBC

Woman Wears Google Glass
Google Glass is partnering with start-ups, which may help it carve out a more important and profitable role in bu ...
Source: CNBC   Full article at: CNBC 5 days ago, 3:08pm CDT


Update: 5

Unlike Google Glass, Android Wear probably won’t get iOS support

Source: GigaOM

When Google introduced Google Glass, the wearable display only worked with Android phones and tablets. It took some time, but last December Google created a MyGlass companion app for iOS, allowing iPhone owners to get most of the same functionality from Glass as Android users. That’s not likely going to happen with Android Wear, however. The first clue was when Dave Singleton, Google’s Android Engineering Director, shared more Android Wear details on ...
Source: GigaOM   Full article at: GigaOM Jun 27 2014, 1:30pm CDT

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Update: 4

From Google To SmartThings: A Dealmaker Talks

Source: Forbes

Kelly Liang has made some pretty big deals in the tech world. As part of the original YouTube team, she helped put YouTube on the first generation of every iPhone. And then, most recently, as one of the first business development folks at Google X, she led the partnership between Ray-Ban ...
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Update: 2

Google Glass

Source: The Atlantic

Isabelle Olsson, lead designer of Google
How do you make a computer that people will want to wear on their face? “You have to make it light,” says Isabelle Olsson, the lead designer of Google Glass, the computer-equipped eyewear. “You can’t expect people to wear goggles all day long.” Over years of trial and error, Olsson guided Glass through hundreds of bulky prototypes to its current sleek (if not necessarily stylish) look. Here’s how Google’s computer went ...
Source: The Atlantic   Full article at: The Atlantic Jun 25 2014, 8:06pm CDT

Update: 1

14 Google Glass innovative uses In education

Source: University Business

Woman Wears Google Glass
Opinion & AnalysisThe Huffington Post The Ohio Wesleyan University Information Services Department purchased Google Glass in March, 2014 and started brainstorming about ways to use it with a cross section of campus groups. Based on the OWU list, here are 14 ways that Goo ...
Source: University Business   Full article at: University Business Jun 3 2014, 11:46am CDT

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