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Kim Dotcom Resigns from Mega Directorship

The director and founder of Mega, Kim Dotcom has just resigned in order to look to his other interests. The Music Business is one area the man has a passion for and he may be launching a popular song service soon.

Sep 4 2013, 7:03am CDT | by

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Kim Dotcom Resigns from Mega Directorship
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Kim Dotcom Resigns from Mega Directorship

Kim Dotcom Resigns from Mega Directorship
Getty Images

Kim Dotcom has left the Mega Directorship field wide open to anyone who has the will to handle the pressures that accompany such a demanding job. The cloud hosting storage service is for now without a driver at the steering wheel. Kim wants to concentrate on other areas and avenues. Kim had wanted some free time of his own in order to explore his political gambits and legal hassles. 

Furthermore, the man is dedicated to music and wants to debut a sound-worthy service in the times which are yet to come. Kim seems to be flying without a safety net and at this stage he needs all the luck in the world in order to make a successful career in uncharted territory. 

While Kim has always been on a tight schedule, at this stage in his life he needed a breather. That was one reason why he voluntarily stepped down from the Directorship of Mega. However, for some time now he wasn’t really doing much as Director, so it didn’t make an iota of difference. Kim’s political party is still in its initial stages and he will be running for office in New Zealand. As for the music service he plans on starting in the future, it remains pretty much under wraps. 

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Update: 11

MPAA and RIAA Members Had Hundreds of Megaupload Accounts…

Source: Digital Music News

Internet Party Launches In New Zealand
Does it make you uncomfortable that Kim Dotcom is getting his assets back? The good news is if you join his political party you’ll be treated to racetrack rentals and mansion picnics. Now for some troubling information from the other side. The MPAA and the RIAA both recently sued Megaupload. Now Megaupload has shared some interesting information with TorrentFreak. Megaupload claims that 490 Megaupload accounts actually belonged to MPAA and RIAA members. People worki ...
Source: Digital Music News   Full article at: Digital Music News 6 hours ago, 2:31pm CDT


Update: 10

Kim Dotcom finally gets his fortune back


Internet Party Launches In New Zealand
Thanks to a recent New Zealand high court ruling, the man who legally changed his last name to “Dotcom” is finally getting his fortune back. The crown requested the freeze on Kim Dotcom’s assets, which include millions of dollars, cars and property, be extended but the New Zealand high court ruled against this application. In the past 26 months since Megaupload’s downfall, Dotcom’s fortune has been confiscated and he started a new company calle ...
Source:   Full article at: 2 days ago, 4:43pm CDT

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Update: 9

Kim Dotcom is totally stoked to get his cars and money back

Source: Ars Technica

Internet Party Launches In New Zealand
Kim Dotcom More than two years after his home was raided by authorities, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom stands to get back some of the millions of dollars worth of cash and property that was seized due to his alleged copyright crimes. A New Zealand court has turned down the government's application to continue holding Dotcom's assets past a two-year deadline. The news came via a statement f ...
Source: Ars Technica   Full article at: Ars Technica 2 days ago, 3:00pm CDT

Update: 7

Kim Dotcom is Getting His Luxury Car Collection Back…

Source: Digital Music News

Internet Party Launches In New Zealand
Are the tables starting to turn? It’s only been days since the MPAA and the RIAA sued Kim Dotcom and Megaupload. Now it looks like Dotcom will be getting his seized property back. New Zealand’s High Court ruled that police have to give back property seized from Kim Dotcom and his wife in the 2012 raid on their mansion. Under a foreign restraining order, police took a large luxury car collection, ...
Source: Digital Music News   Full article at: Digital Music News 2 days ago, 1:50pm CDT

Update: 6

Megaupload's Dotcom, facing legal threat, launches political party

Source: Asia One

Internet Party Launches In New Zealand
AUCKLAND - Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom holds court while bathing in the pool of a sprawling New Zealand mansion, fist bumping and chatting with some of the 700 guests gathered to celebrate the political party he launched last month to promote Internet freedom.His latest ultra-encrypted file storage site, Mega, will soon go public after a deal that values it at NZ$210 million ($180 million), and Baboom, an online streaming music service designed to bypa ...
Source: Asia One   Full article at: Asia One 2 days ago, 8:08am CDT

Update: 5

RIAA Revs Up Lawsuit Against Megaupload

Source: Rolling Stone

Internet Party Launches In New Zealand
The giant square jaw of illegal music downloading belongs these days to Kim Dotcom the German former hacker whose Megauploadcom allegedly enabled sharing of $500 million worth of copyrighted material Two years after the US Department of Justice raided his New Zealand mansion indict ...
Source: Rolling Stone   Full article at: Rolling Stone 4 days ago, 4:00pm CDT

Update: 4

RIAA and the Major Labels Sue Megaupload…

Source: Digital Music News

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Earlier this week the Motion Picture Association of America sued Megaupload for “massive copyright infringement”. On April 10th, 2014 the Recording Industry Association of America filed a similar lawsuit on behalf of Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group. The RIAA says Kim Dotcom, Megaupload CTO /co-founder Mathias Ortmann, majority shareholder Vestor Limited, and head programmer Bram van der Kolk “willf ...
Source: Digital Music News   Full article at: Digital Music News Apr 11 2014, 3:30pm CDT

Update: 3

RIAA sues Megaupload over copyright infringement (Cyrus Farivar/Ars Technica)

Source: Techmeme

Cyrus Farivar / Ars Technica: RIAA sues Megaupload over copyright infringement  —  Kim Dotcom living large in happier times.  —  Photograph by Handout  —  Just three days after the Motion Picture Association of America brought a civil lawsuit against Megaupload, the Recording Industry Association ...
Source: Techmeme  Full article at: Techmeme Apr 11 2014, 11:25am CDT

Update: 2

Music industry joins legal battle against Megaupload

Source: Channel News Asia

Kim DotCom Launches New File Sharing Service
WASHINGTON: Major US music labels joined the legal battle against file-sharing website Megaupload, with a copyright infringement lawsuit against the site shut down by US authorities.The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced the civil lawsuit filed on Thursday on behalf of Warner Music Group, Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Capitol Records. Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom speaks at Bowen Hous ...
Source: Channel News Asia   Full article at: Channel News Asia Apr 11 2014, 10:06am CDT

Update: 1

Music industry turns up volume on Kim Dotcom with new copyright lawsuit

Source: Russia Today

Dotcom Faces Security And Intelligence Committee
Despite being forced to shut down in January 2012 after Dotcom was hit with copyright infringement charges, Megaupload is now confronting new lawsuits from the powerful music and film industries. A lawsuit filed on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) makes copyright accusations against Dotcom, his colleagues Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk, and investor Vestor Limited. The lawsuit clai ...
Source: Russia Today   Full article at: Russia Today Apr 11 2014, 8:58am CDT

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