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Facebook Adds New Tools to Surf Real-Time Conversations on Media

Facebook is utilizing new tools in its exploration of novel avenues. It is literally expanding its domain by allowing media to highlight more interesting real-time conversations and feedback regarding news, sports, politics and entertainment. For this it has included two brand new tools in its arsenal.

Sep 9 2013, 4:31am CDT | by

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Facebook Adds New Tools to Highlight Real-Time Conversations

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Facebook Adds New Tools to Surf Real-Time Conversations on Media

Facebook Adds New Tools to Highlight Real-Time Conversations

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, Facebook is including a twin set of social media tools to lend television shows and marketing experts some insight into what is hot and what is not on Facebook. One of the tools employs keywords to track the topics that are of interest on a worldwide basis. 

As for the other instrument of analysis, it will be picking up data in statistical form from Facebook’s pages. The user profiles will be searched for various demographics concerning the comment givers. This is a novel methodology of tapping into what is newsworthy and trendy. This is a ploy by Facebook to outmaneuver Twitter which is way ahead in the popularity stakes. 

Twitter matches the Zeitgeist trend for trend. Every topic of interest from NFL scores to Miley Cyrus out-shocking Lady Gaga can be pinpointed on Twitter. With these two tools of the trade in its hands, Facebook intends to catch up with the Tweet Bird of Twitter. And the population advantage that Facebook has over its rival is that more than a fivefold global user base employs its services. They could be put to good use

The current television networks that have gotten the licensed tools from Facebook include: Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC News, Sky Television and Slate. The whole effort is one of trying to connect the world in a more serious and purposeful way. Since Facebook has been accused of facetiousness and moral vapidity, this good change may be an improvement in its image

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Update: 11

Alcohol Delivery Startup Expands to Denver’s Boozy Crowd

Source: AdWeek

Alcohol-delivery app Drizly is launching in Denver today, making it easier for people to get booze to their doorstep within one hour. The app is also available in the New York, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles areas. The Denver expansion is part of Drizly’s plan to expand nationally. "There are two main factors that we consider when expanding to a new city: The quality of retail partner network and po ...
Source: AdWeek   Full article at: AdWeek 28 minutes ago


Update: 10

Jon Stewart Launches Kickstarter to Buy CNN

Source: Lost Remote

Season 2 Premiere Of Showtime's "Ray Donovan" Presented By Time Warner Cable - Inside
Last night on ‘The Daily Show,’ Jon Stewart turned his attention to the news that Rupert Murdoch is reportedly looking to purchase Time Warner for $80 billion. Murdoch rarely takes no for an answer once he has his eyes set on an acquisition, leading Stewart to remark: “He’s like the date-rapist of media barons …with all due respect.” Murdoch owns Fox, which means that should he acquire Time Warner, CNN would be divested.  “It wouldn’t come ch ...
Source: Lost Remote   Full article at: Lost Remote 41 minutes ago

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Update: 9

How Ben Horowitz almost gamified his company to death, and 5 steps to avoid the same fate

Source: San Jose Business Journal

Creative Industries Council Launches Create UK
B en Horowitz deals with problems the way a chemist balances an equation: methodically. Which has, for the most part, worked out great for the co-founder of Andresseen Horowitz, the venture capital firm behind Facebook, Airbnb, Coinbase, and others. But when things go wrong for Horowitz, his method is great for us, because it provides a clear way to look back at what went wrong, and learn. In a blog post yesterday, Horowitz, who published a book on entrepreneurship ...
Source: San Jose Business Journal   Full article at: San Jose Business Journal 43 minutes ago

Update: 7

Billingham teen's lost fiver prompts amazing response to help him save for epilepsy mat

Source: Gazette Live

Creative Industries Council Launches Create UK
Hundreds pledged to help Kaiyne Sidgwick save up after his mother posted about the lost £5 on Face ...
Source: Gazette Live   Full article at: Gazette Live 46 minutes ago

Update: 6

How Social Media Has Changed The Press Coverage Of Israel-Palestine

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Cincinnati Reds v San Francisco Giants
Every time a new round of violence breaks out in Palestine or Israel, a parallel dispute surfaces around whether or not the media is biased toward one side of the conflict or the other. There is usually little agreement to be found. The latest period of bloodshed, though, has brought with it a different discussion about the media's coverage. The debate has certainly not died down—headlines, stray quotes, pictures and interview counts are bein ...
Source: Politics - The Huffington Post   Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post 49 minutes ago

Update: 5

Tech Stocks: Apple, Microsoft fuel broad tech gains

Source: MarketWatch

Creative Industries Council Launches Create UK
Tech bellwethers rise following earnings reports; Facebook set for after-the-cl ...
Source: MarketWatch   Full article at: MarketWatch 52 minutes ago

Update: 4

Timehop Raises $10 Million To Dig Deeper Into Digital Past

Source: bidness etc

The nostalgia-inducing app, Timehop has raised a $10 million more in Series B funding, led by Shasta Ventures with recurring investments from Spark, and O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures. The company has now raised a total of $14.1 million. The company which was founded three years ago by Jonathan Wegener, aims to retain users’ social media activities from the past, at a time when apps such as Snapchat have enjoyed popularity for their self-destructing content. Timehop believes that not every ...
Source: bidness etc   Full article at: bidness etc 56 minutes ago

Update: 3

Why airlines’ in-flight wi-fi will always be expensive: Peter Nowak

Source: Canadian Business Online

Peter Nowak waves to fans
(Albert Domasin) We’re on the cusp of a wi-fi revolution in the skies, according to Jean-Bernard Levy, the chairman and chief executive of French defense contractor Thales. “In the near future the cost of that broadband on that plane will fall dramatically so that you can watch TV, access Facebook, or check your bank account while you are on the flight and you’ll be charged like you are today in a hotel,” he told The Telegrap ...
Source: Canadian Business Online   Full article at: Canadian Business Online 1 hour ago

Update: 2

The Coolest Things You Can Buy at Comic-Con 2014

Source: movie pilot

US actor Bill Murray and British actress
San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is almost upon us - and you know what that means!ALL OF THE COSPLAY.No, not that (well, not just that).It means toys - and not just regular, share 'em with your kids toys. We're talking the greatest toys, action figures, collectibles and just plain awesome stuff that money can - and likely will - buy.The sort of toys that'll take you back to being a kid again yourself. ...
Source: movie pilot   Full article at: movie pilot 1 hour ago

Update: 1

'Leftists are blood-sucking fiends': Ted Cruz lashes out after he's spoofed on HBO series True Blood

Source: Daily Mail

Creative Industries Council Launches Create UK
The Republican U.S. Senator from Texas then stole a comment from one of his Facebook followers to hit back at the series and at Demo ...
Source: Daily Mail  Full article at: Daily Mail 1 hour ago

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