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Google Glass is not Expected to be Available in Europe for Many Years

Google Glass is not expected to be available publicly in Europe for many years. Google Glass may be becoming popular in the United States but it is currently facing teething troubles in Europe. Several restrictions placed upon the use of the device along with its own limitations have caused this enigma.

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Google Glass will Not Come to Europe for Many Years
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Google Glass is not Expected to be Available in Europe for Many Years

Google got off to a bad start in the European continent. Firstly, the wearable technology was banned during driving due to it being a hazard. Then there were issues of privacy that had to be dealt with. Finally, the American English voice recognition system operating on it couldn’t cope with the entirely different European accents. 

Therefore, the launch of Google Glass in Europe could be years away. While the Americans go for new things, the people of Europe like to stick to their traditions instead. They don’t really want any kind of intrusive technology ruining their lives. In the United States currently some 10,000 individuals which include developers and explorers are employing the device. 

So the first venue of sale for Google Glass will most probably be the United States. Beyond that the European market will be a tough nut to crack. Nevertheless, Google is not averse to turning on the charm when it comes to advertising and marketing its products. 

Google Glass works by voice orders and swiping the small device in front of one eye. You can tap it too. There is a lot of potential for misuse of the handy gadget therefore the Europeans are partially right in their obstinacy. So Europe or the rest of the global village won’t be seeing much of this spanking new technology for years to come.   

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Update: 9

Chinese sellers making clear profits on Google Glass

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Source: Asia One   Full article at: Asia One 2 days ago, 7:12am CDT


Update: 8

Google applies for patent on contact lens with built-in camera

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Google Glass ambassadors raising eyebrows and fish in Chile

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Update: 5

Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy Google Glass

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Google Glass goes on sale for one day today, stoking fears among privacy hawks that the wearable tech is a menace to consumer privacy. The one day-limited sale is part of Google's Glass Explorer program launched in 2012 to test the device before it's offered to the general market. Since it was unveiled two years ago, Google Glass wearers have stirred controversy, both legally and culturally. Google says it's still worki ...
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Update: 4

Anyone Can Buy Google Glass April 15

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An anonymous reader writes "Starting at 9 a.m. ET on April 15 anyone in the US will be able to buy Google Glass for one day. From the article: 'This is the first time the device has been available to the general public. So far, the face-mounted computers have been sold only to Google "Explorers," the company's name for early adopters. At first only developers could buy Glass, but Google slowly expanded the program ...
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Google to sell Glass to bigger pool of consumers

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Update: 2

Next Week, You, Too, Can Buy Google Glass

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Get your credit card ready. On Tuesday, April 15, after the pain of filing your taxes has subsided, you'll be able to buy Google Glass — for a limited time.Google was hoping to keep it a secret for a wee bit longer, but documents leaked to The V ...
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Update: 1

Google to let any US resident buy Google Glass for one-day only, reveals leak


Any US resident will soon have the oppurtunity to buy Google Glass. But they'll only have one day to do so, it's claimed. The Verge has reported, citing leaked internal documents, that Google will announce on 1 ...
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