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Tim Cook Talks About Apple Strategy, Market Share and New iPhones

Tim Cook and 2 other Apple chiefs Jonathan Ive and Craig Federighi have discussed Apple's strategy, falling market share and hopes about new iPhones in an interview. Is Apple really doomed now? No is the answer by Tim Cook. Despite 33% down stock price since highest an year ago, Apple CEO is very cool and clam.

Sep 19 2013, 9:53am CDT | by

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Tim Cook Says "Apple can have a really good business.”
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Tim Cook Talks About Apple Strategy, Market Share and New iPhones

Tim Cook Says "Apple can have a really good business.”
This Week's Cover Page of Bloomberg Business

Apple is looking a big downfall in its shares these days. The stock price goes down by 33 percent since its peak an year before. But Tim Cook is still clam. He called it a part of business. In an interview with Bloomberg's Businessweek , Cook says, “I don’t feel euphoric on the up, and I don’t slit my wrists when it goes down. I have ridden the roller coaster too many times for that.”He says "Apple can have a really good business” and Apple will never ever make cheap phones as “We’re not in the junk business.” 

Cook is also not worried about the increase of low-cost manufacturing firms. He said that the Cupertino will never ever manufacture cheap smartphones. He said, "“There’s always a large junk part of the market. We’re not in the junk business. There’s a segment of the market that really wants a product that does a lot for them, and I want to compete like crazy for those customers. I’m not going to lose sleep over that other market, because it’s just not who we are. Fortunately, both of these markets are so big, and there’s so many people that care and want a great experience from their phone or their tablet, that Apple can have a really good business.”

Apple has an active past year. Apple launched iPad Mini, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iOS 7 operating system and “paleo” food station during the past 12 months. It has also done to level reshuffling. Scott Forstall becomes iOS chief while his duties get splitted between Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive and software head Craig Federighi. Let's see what time will have for Apple now.


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Update: 11

Insurance Rates Skyrocket For Retired Memphis Employees

Source: My Fox Memphis

CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing
Retired Memphis Police officer Tim Cook is one of thousands of city retirees who will see their insurance premiums skyrocket ...
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Update: 10

Chinese state TV annoyed by NSA, takes it out on Apple

Source: 9to5Mac

Edward Snowden Attorney Wolfgang Kaleck Speaks To Foreign Journalists Association
The WSJ reports that the state-run China Central TV has described the iPhone as a “national security concern” due to its location-tracking capabilities. In its national noon broadcast, state-run China Central Television criticized the “frequent locations” function in Apple’s iOS 7 mobile operating system, which tracks and records the time and location of the owner’s movements. The report quoted researchers who said that ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac 12 hours ago, 8:48am CDT

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Update: 9

Chinese State-Run Media Labels iPhone's Location Tracking a 'National Security Concern' [iOS Blog]

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Hulu Presents The "Deadbeat" SXSW Party
China's state-run media broadcast today labeled Apple's location tracking services found iOS 7 and the iPhone a "national security concern", reports The Wall Street Journal. The broadcast cited researchers who said that those with access to the country's location data could gain "knowledge of the broader situation in China" and perhaps even state secrets. The Chinese government said tha ...
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Update: 7

Apple iPhone 6: Ignore Today's 68 Million Number


CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing
Rumor has it that Apple has ordered up a boatload of iPhone 6 units. Should investors pay attention to this speculative figure, or ignore it altogether? Tim Cook votes f ...
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Update: 6

The App Store’s 6th anniversary by the numbers

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Steve Jobs introducing the App Store in 2008 As Apple celebrates the 6th anniversary of the App Store today, let’s take a look at the most recent numbers Apple has announced regarding App Store statistics. During the WWDC keynote on June 2nd, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared that the App Store then featured more than 1.2 million apps and counting. Out of that catalog, App Store customers have downloaded apps more th ...
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Update: 5

Tim Cook's New Apple World Order

Source: TechNewsWorld

CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing
Apple is shaking out to become a very different sort of Apple, one suddenly more inclusive than ever before. The question is if all this inclusion will really lead to innovation. For Tim Cook, this idea seems to have a whole new meaning for Apple -- the notion may be trickling into the very way that Apple is now approaching its entire business. Case in point is CarPay, HomeKit, HealthKit, Apple's apps that now can tal ...
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Update: 4

How To Become A Morning Person

Source: Business Insider

CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing
  // <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div>   One common trait of successful people is that they get up really early. Apple CEO Tim Cook is up and about at 5 am, Virgin founder Richard Branson wakes up with the sunrise. Watch the video below to learn some strategies about how wake up early and get a lot done in the morning. Produced by Justin GmoserNOW WATCH: Here's What Successful People Do In The Morning Follow BI Video: On Facebook ...
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Update: 3

Apple Tattled on Google to Draw FTC Attention to Similar Kids In-App Purchasing Issue

Source: MacRumors

HBO Documentary Screening Of  "Remembering The Artist, Robert De Niro, Sr." Hosted By POLITICO
Earlier this year, Apple entered into an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, promising to provide $32 million in refunds to parents whose children purchased unauthorized in-app items. As it turns out, while Apple was being targeted by the FTC for letting children make in-app purchases without parental consent, the company was attempting to get Google in trouble for doing the same thing. Acc ...
Source: MacRumors   Full article at: MacRumors 2 days ago, 12:55pm CDT

Update: 2

Apple’s top lawyer reported Google to FTC over in-app purchases by kids

Source: 9to5Mac

Trial Begins In Apple-Samsung Patent Battle
Apple seemingly wasn’t too happy that it was singled out for an FTC investigation into making it too easy for children to make in-app purchases: following its own settlement back in January, the company’s general counsel Bruce Sewell promptly reported Google for the same thing, reports Politico. “I thought this article might be of some interest, particularly if you have not already seen it,” Apple ge ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac 2 days ago, 9:50am CDT

Update: 1

From fashion to fitness part II: Apple hires a pair of key Nike FuelBand engineers

Source: 9to5Mac

CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing
This is an update to a February post in which we rounded up all recent Apple hires pertinent to the development of the upcoming iWatch. This post includes the addition of several new hires and experts, including a pair of key Nike FuelBand hardware engineers, and the new hires are labeled with italics. Apple has been developing a sensor-laden, fitness- and medical-focused wearable computer as indicated by several notable recent hires and ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac 3 days ago, 4:00pm CDT

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