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Taylor Swift Opens Music Education Center

Pop star Taylor Swift donates 4 million Education Center to Country Music Hall of Fame on Saturday. The young music sensation, Taylor Swift will also do music discussions with students.

Oct 13 2013, 2:27pm CDT | by

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Taylor Swift Donates $4M
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Taylor Swift Opens Music Education Center

The record breaking singer Taylor Swift has taken a good step. She is awarded by Nashville Songwriters Association International with her 6th songwriter-artist of the year award today. But before that, she donates a $4 million Taylor Swift Education Center to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday morning. 

Taylor Swift has given this donation to expand the educational opportunities for all music lovers who actually wants to play music. And Country Music Hall of Fame is the best place to learn techniques of music.

The 23 years old pop star told the media, "I'm really excited about this music education center and the fact that right now they have three different classes going on today. It's really exciting that we can be here on a day when they're not only unveiling it, but they're starting to actively use it today." in an interview after the opening ceremony of Taylor Swift Education Center at Country Music Hall of Fame. 

She also told media that she can be a part of this education center. Young singer is negotiating with the officials of Country Music Hall of Fame regarding her involvement. She said, "We've been talking about different programs I can be involved in. I hate to call it a lecture because that sounds like I'm yelling at people, but we could do a Q&A talking to students here and a songwriters discussion would be really fun to have at some point."

Source: Yahoo News


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WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus Makes Creepiest Mask You Will Ever See


Miley Cyrus Fans waiting for Her Concert in Madrid
It looks like Thursday night was just another regular night for Miley Cyrus. She took a bath (and Instagrammed it), played with her dogs (and Instagrammed it) and made the creepiest effing mask that has ever graced Instagram (and, of course, Instagrammed it). Wait…what was that last thing? Oh yes. In Miley’s continuing Insta-weirdness, she posted a mask that she fashioned out of what appears to be miniature teddy bears.  I mean…what? I get up in arms enough when Taylor Swift ...
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This startup thinks people will pay for celeb news

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For some diehard fans, no detail about the stars they follow is too small. And that’s why a new startup called Flink is betting that it can not only amass a following for news about celebrities like Jay-Z and Taylor Swift but charge for it as well. Dan Steneker, Flink’s CEO, said the site was born out of the idea that paid opportunities for writers were on the decline but that there was a demand for the intimate details of stars’ lives. ...
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Taylor Swift Dines With Steven Spielberg In The Hamptons! Could This Mean More Movies For Swifty?

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Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Singapore
Ooooh! Well this is certainly an innnneresting plot twist! Taylor Swift was in the Hamptons when she had dinner with quite a power player in the movie industry! Mr. Steven Spielberg along with his wife Kate Capshaw and their stepdaughter Jessica! The group was spotted at the East Hampton Grill and they weren't along, seeing as Tay-Tay brought "four girls and a skinny guy with a mustache" with her! However, it's not the FIRST time Steven and Swifty have ...
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Selena Gomez: Partying Harder Than Ever, Says Source

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Selena Gomez left a rehab program ahead of schedule back in February, and now the troubled singer's friends feel it's time she checks herself back in.  Sources say Selena has been partying harder than ever since getting back together with Justin Bieber, and the on-again, off-again couple hit a new low over the past holiday weekend. "Selena was definitely feeling no pain at 4th of July ...
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Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj & Justin Bieber Fragrances: Jacked From Elizabeth Arden?!

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2014 Wawa Welcome America
If your boyfriend or girlfriend is using a celebrity-branded fragrance and it surprisingly doesn't smell awful, well, there's actually a good reason for that: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift's signature scents, among others, are the licensed products of Elizabeth Arden, the global cosmetics giant. Elizabeth Arden claims in a federal lawsuit, however, that a company called Preferred Fragrance has been trying to ape their products with ...
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Justin, Nicki & Taylor Smells Like a Total Rip-Off Perfume Co. Sues Over Celeb Fragrances

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Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Singapore
Something stinks in the perfume world -- someone is trying to cash in on the huge success of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift's signature fragrances and cosmetics ... allegedly by mimicking products created by Elizabeth Arden.Cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden is the licensed manufacturer of the celebrity scents bearing Justin, Taylor and Nicki's names ... and in a new federal lawsuit it claims a company called Preferred Fragrance has bee ...
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Gibson Brothers Sign with Rounder; Alice Gerrard Announces New Album; New Record Releases

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Alice Gerrard, who celebrates her 80th birthday today, is going to release a new album called Follow the Music on Tompkins Square September 30. This is a sentence I never thought I’d write: Taylor Swift wrote a fine article for The Wall Street Journal. No, really, she got a stipple portrait and everything. An excerpt from the piece: “In recent years, you’ve probably read the articles about major recording artists who have decided to practically give their music away, for this promotion or tha ...
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Miley Cyrus Honors Her Dead Dog With A New Tattoo And Shirtless Selfie

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View Photo Gallery Happy 7th of July! While you were busy barbecuing and beaching this weekend, Miley Cyrus was getting inked. The singer revealed a new tattoo — a tribute to her late dog, Floyd — on Instagram on Sunday. The design is located underneath her left arm, and features a dog’s face with the Beatles lyric, “With a little help from my friends.” She had the support of s ...
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Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber Leave Selena Gomez Alone On The Fourth Of July

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Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Singapore
Just one year ago, we could’ve guessed that Selena Gomez would be hanging out with one of three people on the Fourth of July — her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, or one of her besties — like Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato. ...
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Taylor Swift rocks a summery floral print playsuit as she leaves the gym in New York - Love her look

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Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Singapore
It may come as a huge surprise, but we don't actually go to the gym all that often. We've always been more Babybels than dumbbells to be honest, babes. But one gal who does enjoy a good workout is Taylor Swift - and she's left her New York City gym looking bloody bodacious once again. Seriously, can this girl just stop showing us up now? Yup - TayTay's been spotted rockin' the cutest of super-c ...
Source: Sugarscape   Full article at: Sugarscape Jul 3 2014, 6:50am CDT

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