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Pandora is Mining User Registration Data for Advertisers

Pandora has gone beyond the ordinary cookie. The startup is to track followers by the mining of user data. This is a progressive step in the right direction in matters of advertising.

Nov 16 2013, 2:43am CST | by

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Pandora is Mining User Registration Data for Advertisers

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Pandora is Mining User Registration Data for Advertisers

Were something to happen to the cookie policy at Pandora, it would still survive the blitz. That is because Pandora has all the information regarding its users who sign in at its fingertips. Currently, Pandora is advertising its music to two segments of the market, one Hispanic and the other Spanish-speaking. 

As an Internet radio phenomenon, Pandora has over 200 million registered users while 70.9 million are active monthly consumers. The service thrives on first party data by noting down the person’s age, sex and postal zip code when he or she signs in. Just a while ago, Pandora began serious data mining to identify its audience of users. This was a venture similar in style and manner to the cookie policy adopted by many startups

Among the major market segments that have been identified are the Hispanic community and the Spanish-speaking population. Both will be catered to shortly. The whole program planned for is light years ahead of ordinary radio. It is futuristic. 

Of the $128.5 million collected in ad revenues for the second quarter, 70% was from mobiles, while 60% accounted for audio ads instead of display ads. Cookie policies are inherently troublesome. There are several hitches in the way of these policies. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo are all abandoning the usage of cookies and it is about time that Pandora jumped on the bandwagon too.   

Source: WSJ


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SoundCloud iPhone App Revamp Caters to Listeners, Not Uploaders (Nathan Olivarez-Giles/Wall Street Journal)

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T-Mobile offers unlimited iTunes Radio streaming

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T-Mobile launches Rhapsody unRadio music streaming service

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Pandora rival iHeartRadio hits 50 million user milestone

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Update: 4 Inc's Prime Music Is No Threat to Pandora and Apple


Amazon Unveils Its First Smartphone
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Smile: Uncle Kracker

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Earbits music service announces it is shutting down

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Amazon unveils Prime Music to compete with music streaming from Apple, Pandora and Spotify

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French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Receives Bill Gates At Hotel Matignon
Amazon Inc. has introduced its music streaming service, Prime Music, that gives customers access to thousands of songs for free, entering a field crowded with competitors like Spotify, Pandora and Apple, the New York Times reports. The new service, available to the more than 20 million Amazon Prime subscribers, streams music without advertisements. Prime Music, however, will pull from a much smaller catalog than its competitors. While it has deals with Sony, Warner Music ...
Source: San Jose Business Journal   Full article at: San Jose Business Journal Jun 13 2014, 12:43pm CDT

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