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Xbox One Review: What it’s Actually All About…

The Xbox One is about to enter the world market of high technology goods as an all-in-one gaming and entertainment hub with surprisingly strong launch titles. What to expect from this living-room machine? The much-anticipated device has given birth to rising expectations which just might get fulfilled.

Nov 20 2013, 9:24am CST | by

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Xbox One: What it’s Actually All About…

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Xbox One Review: What it’s Actually All About…

The Xbox One by Microsoft will be coming to high tech stores soon. While the previous version known as the Xbox 360 is definitely history, the new one which has been with us for some time is a futuristic creature of technological dreams. Both the quantity and quality of features on the device have multiplied and improved respectively. The sole goal was pure entertainment. Everything was done to make the experience a truly satisfying one. Not just thrilling and exciting graphics but a host of fun-filled manipulative moves became part of the gaming platform

Form and function undergo the perfect melding on the Xbox One. The redesigned controller features smell-o-vision and a projector. It was a classic case of questioning the answers in order to get something even better than the original. Not one to rest on its laurels, Microsoft went ahead and literally reinvented the wheel when it came to its controller. And while its controller has been completely revamped on the inside, the ultimate arbiter in matters of performance is the highly enthusiastic gaming crowd that awaits its arrival with bated breath. Then there is the Kinect sensor amenity. It lends so much to the device that it cannot be put in words. Only by experiencing it can you get a proper idea of what a boon and blessing this facility is. 

Its main rival, Sony’s Playstation 4 comes close but no cigar. While there may be some features in which the Xbox One lags behind the PS4, nevertheless its positive qualities more than make up for the slight lack. The living room gaming experience that this gizmo allows in its totality is simply mindboggling. Besides jumping from one game to another with ease and convenience, you may employ Skype service on the forum too

Basically, the reviews of this devastating device run the gamut from negative and mixed to the downright positive. 

The Verge has this to say on the Xbox One: “The Xbox One is here for a decade. If Microsoft can deliver on all its promises in that time, it will have built a console truly worthy of Input One – but that’s a big if.” 

Engadget in its wrap-up spoke of how “It is still a strong start for a powerful game console.” 

The Next Web states that the "Xbox One has a stronger launch lineup than the PS4, especially because Drive Club has been delayed until next year."

CNet mentioned in a rather matter-of-fact manner that “The Xbox One feels a bit scatterbrained in its interface and presentation.” 

Arstechnica declared that the consumers ought to “Buy an Xbox if and when there are enough exclusive games to convince you it’s worth the expense.” 

Gizmodo had only this much to add to the obvious question: Should you buy it? “Not yet!”

The Telegraph mentioned that it was “The best decision Microsoft made in this new generation of consoles”.  

TechCrunch stated that “It’s a solid buy as is.” 

Finally, Polygon said that "The Xbox One is an impressive marriage of software and hardware that raises the bar in terms of what we expect from a living-room machine. Xbox One's bold direction for the future is well in place. The integration of voice controls and its media strategy are a boon to everyone, and the ability to run apps while playing games is something we now want on every gaming console we have. That it has a handful of strong, exclusive games at launch only supports its legitimacy as a gaming console and not just an entertainment hub."

Whichever way you look at it, the Xbox One is about to launch tomorrow at midnight, the witching hour. Xbox One standard edition retail price is $499.99 .

Technology and magic will combine to give consumers the best and hopefully it will live up to the media hype. And today’s technology cannot be differentiated from magic. It is so fantastic and bewitching that it brings to mind the phrase that “Truth is stranger than fiction!” 


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