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Toyota Prius 2015 Will Adopt TNGA Architecture

Toyota is going to debut its next-generation Prius car in 2015. And it is expected that Toyota Prius 2015 will be based on an all-new TNGA architecture.

Nov 28 2013, 1:51am CST | by

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Toyota Prius 2015 would Adopt TNGA Architecture
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Toyota Prius 2015 Will Adopt TNGA Architecture

Toyota Prius 2015 will be a lighter and far more efficient car than the current generation models. Toyota promises that its next generation Prius will be a fun-filled driving experience. The world's biggest automaker has spent six years perfecting the next generation Prius technology. The Toyota team working on Prius 2015 promises that it will be more fuel-efficient than the current models. All of this will be due to its new architecture.

According to Automotive News, Toyota Prius 2015 will adopt Toyota’s Next-Generation Architecture (TNGA). TNGA is based on the latest technology that will help Toyota to manufacture lighter and fuel-efficient cars. TNGA architecture contains a light-weight component kit that makes the manufacturing process easy. And the TNGA engine will have more than 40 percent thermal efficiency

In fact, Satoshi Ogiso, Prius chief engineer, said that the thermal efficiency of Toyota Prius 2015 could be as high as 42 percent. But the thermal efficiency in current Prius cars is around 38.5 percent. Hence, the next-generation Toyota Prius will be fuel-efficient. It will waste less energy in creating heat and more in the generation of power

It is expected that Toyota will use this new TNGA architecture in all of its cars by the year 2020. But Toyota Prius will reportedly be the first car that will be based on this TNGA architecture. This TNGA architecture will make the next-generation Toyota cars more of a thrill for drivers. In return, Toyota will earn more profits.


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