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Cursing Toddler Video Goes Viral

A video that went viral showed a toddler cursing profanities and displaying his middle finger while being encouraged by three adults. The video was cause for concern since children shouldn’t be exposed to such foul language. The police force has removed the child from the wretched home where he was living under such conditions.

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Toddler Cursing Video Goes Viral

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Cursing Toddler Video Goes Viral

The video shocked a lot of people. Not only were the police upset over the images but many other people couldn’t digest what was shown in the viral video. A Black American toddler in a diaper was shown saying all sorts of obscene words and pointing his middle finger. 

His rude behavior and dirty language was being positively reinforced by three adults in the background. The fact that the Omaha police department, which found the video on the Internet, already has problems with Black Americans compounded the issue. The video was posted on Facebook by a well-known thug. 

Basically, the history of the family which was seen provoking the infant to take part in such indecent acts is one of violence and crime. But when the Omaha police force posted the video, it too was criticized for its role in the worsening relations between minorities and cops. 

The abuses the police heaped on African Americans may be the cause of this revenge by someone who wants to promote crime. The kid who acted so brashly was exposed to violence and foul language at an early age. It was not his fault that his parents goaded him on. And it was not his fault when the police posted his video on their site. 

A child has been doubly harmed and it is society’s fault. The poor infant was caught up between its criminal guardians and the police force. And the police have been known to mete out such brutal treatment that the difference between the cops and the robbers is erased. 

Watch the video below.



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