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Tomb Raider Runs At 1080p, 60 FPS On Sony PS4, Xbox One is Still A Question

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Tomb Raider Runs At 1080p, 60 FPS On Sony PS4, Xbox One is Still A Question

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Tomb Raider Runs At 1080p, 60 FPS On Sony PS4, Xbox One is Still A Question

The hardware wars continue. Tomb Raider: Definitive edition is almost out, and a live game stream from Games Radar confirms that the game runs at 1080p and an unlocked average of 60 FPS on Sony’s PS4. Because this is the internet, this automatically raises the question: what about the Xbox One?

Blog “Rocket Chainsaw” claims to have insider information that the Xbox One does indeed run down at an average 30 FPS, and while that’s totally unconfirmed, some of the noncommital language in this statement provided to IGN makes me think that that might be the case.

“Both platforms offer the same outstanding Tomb Raider experience. Delivering the core Tomb Raider gameplay at native 1080p and running at 30fps was always our primary goal given the type of experience Tomb Raider is and the exploration we want players to do. Anything beyond 30fps for this version is gravy.”

This can be taken as proof that the Xbox One is a little less powerful than the PS4 — theoretically, we now have the same game, running at the same resolution, but one machine is capable of pushing it to a higher frame rate.

If anyone has read my writing on Xbox One vs. PS4 tech again, you  know that this is the part when I say I don’t care. I’m often called an Xbox One apologist because I don’t value large numbers as much as other people. I want to be clear that that isn’t what I’m saying here — I prefer that my console have the power for the developer to make whatever aesthetic choices they want to — but this idea that 60 FPS is automatically better is misguided.

“Anything running above that is just gravy.”

That’s just the wrong way of looking at your in game visuals. Even though this is the world of tech and we always like numbers to be bigger, frame rate should be a choice, not a constant upward movement.  Lower frame rates can help a game achieve a deeper, more cinematic effect, and for games that rely on visual more than twitch controls, this is sometimes the right choice.

Tomb Raider Screenshots

Source: Forbes


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Update: 8

Third-Party Vandalizes PlayStation, Xbox Twitch Channels

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The official Twitch accounts for PlayStation, Xbox and the eSport League were compromised during Gamescom 2014, resulting in highlights from broadcasts posted to the channels with offensive or misleading content. Highlights were posted on the respective channels with headlines and descriptions that contained cursive, racist and homophobic language, along with insults directed at the companies over the recent announcement that Rise of the Tomb Raider was ...
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Update: 7

WWE Studios, Lionsgate Greenlight Actioner ‘Lockdown’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Source: Variety   Full article at: Variety Aug 14 2014, 7:25pm CDT

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Update: 6

Podcast Unlocked: About Tomb Raider's Exclusivity...

Source: IGN

DOWNLOAD PODCAST UNLOCKED EPISODE 158 First, we apologize for this week's audio issues. It's a bit quiet for the first half or so of the show, and then we tried to fix it and were successful...except somehow and for some reason Ryan's microphone cuts out. You can still hear him being picked up by the other mics, but...sigh... Anyway, this week we discuss Rise of the Tomb Raider's controversial Xbox exclusivity, our first glimpse of the Halo 5: Guardia ...
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Update: 4

Sony: We don’t “feel the need to go out and buy outright exclusivity”

Source: Ars Technica

Sony This week's gaming news has been dominated by Microsoft's controversial decision to buy timed Xbox exclusivity for the next Tomb Raider game. While this is not an unusual practice historically, a Sony executive is trying to make some hay by saying the PlayStation 4 doesn't need to buy exclusive games. Except when it does... In an interview with CVG, PlayStation Europe's Jim Ryan said Sony's ...
Source: Ars Technica   Full article at: Ars Technica Aug 14 2014, 3:20pm CDT

Update: 3

An Aquaman Film and Gamescom Reveals on This Week's Most Craved


This week we learned that two different scripts are being developed for an Aquaman feature film while, on the gaming front, Rise of the Tomb Raider led the wealth of news coming out of Cologne, Germany's Gamescom. We're discussing the highlights of the convention and talking about the future of the DC Universe on the big screen on this week ...
Source:   Full article at: Aug 14 2014, 11:00am CDT

Update: 2

Frame rate is more important than resolution, says Xbox One's Phil Spencer


Nailing a quality frame rate is more important than achieving a 1080p native resolution, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.In an interview with CVG, Spencer said that getting resolution on parity with PS4 is important, but that framerate is more important to gameplay."We announced that Destiny will have the same resolution and frame rate on Xbox One and PS4. There are a long list of games," he said. "Reaching parity ...
Source:   Full article at: Aug 14 2014, 4:06am CDT

Update: 1

Rise of the Tomb Raider exklusiv für Xbox One


Nach dem Erfolg des Tomb Raider-Reboots im vergangen Jahr arbeitet Crystal Dynamics derzeit an Rise of the Tomb Raider. Wie Microsoft nun gestern im Rahmen der Gamescom angekündigt hat, wird der Nachfolger Ende 2015 exklusiv für Xbox One erscheine ...
Source:   Full article at: Aug 13 2014, 3:35pm CDT

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