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Weight Loss Programs

The global pandemic of obesity has really held the world’s citizens hostage by its ravaging effects on overall health. And the developing countries are catching up fast as industrialization and McDonaldization hold free sway in the so-called Third World. That is why the following extracts from weight loss programs that actually work are given so that they may help you in your battle against weight gain.

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Weight Loss Programs That Actually Work
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Weight Loss Programs

There ware many weight loss programs through which you can burn calories. But weight loss is not as simple as the ratio and mechanics of calorie in and calories out. The nature of the calories, and the complex dynamics of the body’s homeostasis, counts in the end. That is why proteins and fats are not as harmful as carbohydrates which are the real culprits behind obesity

The reason for this is that when you consume carbohydrates a lot of insulin is released. And this hormone stops fat burning in its tracks. And you gain weight. Meanwhile, if you eat proteins (especially with some fat) a hormone named glucagon is released in the body. This is the magic chemical that burns fat. 

But there is a catch to this formula of becoming a carnivore of sorts. You can follow such weight loss program that have glucagon in it. But stress levels are high when people try such low carbohydrate diets as the Atkins, South Beach and Slow Carb Diet. That is why we cannot advise anything more important than a judicious balance in such matters. 

The wonderful world of fresh fruits and vegetables are the best possible supplementary addition to any diet. And low fat dairy products not to mention whole grains are not to be avoided either. One must always remember that what comes straight from Nature is always perfect. 

Meanwhile, what has passed through the hands of man is unnatural and will only lead to complications. All the packages, canned and bottled stuff you find in the supermarket aisles is just not meant for the human body. 

The human body was meant to eat fresh produce which includes: lean proteins, monounsaturated fats, leafy green fibrous vegetables, fruits especially berries, nuts and seeds and finally water. In fact, if you were to ask me, anything in its original and natural state is worth eating. 

The ideal foods your body was designed to process are whole foods. When you interfere with the food supply and change stuff into preservative-laden chemical garbage the result is obvious. It is obesity and the ten thousand concomitant diseases that it engenders. No single weight loss plan is enough. 

They all have their fantastic points but they also have their faults. Some common sense along with a little prudence is all that is needed to slim down. And don’t forget exercise which is the other half of the weight loss equation. That is because dieting alone will not do. 


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