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Best Cyber Squatting Site Ever: Duracell Does Cloud

Feb 4 2014, 4:52am CST | by

Best Cyber Squatting Site Ever: Duracell Does Cloud

From the “you’ve seen everything now” files comes yet another entrant into the eternally busy cloud file storage space.

Sick of Dropbox? Seen enough from Box? Oxygen Cloud, Egnyte, Syncpliticy, SugarSync, Google Drive or one of the other 25 million offerings not do it for you? Today could be your lucky day as Duracell, the battery manufacturer owned by Gillette, the razor manufacturer (who is, in turn, owned by Proctor and Gamble who own pretty much half the world) is launching a cloud storage service.

Or at least they are if you believe this website which, it has to be said, is one of the most amateur productions ever. Kind of what a high school student with an HTML learner guide would have created back in 1995.

According to the website, DuracellCloud:

…is the single data storage solution that replaces every other option or combination of options currently available. Its unique feature set allows users to easily store, sync, share and save data up to 1000x faster than other cloud storage options in an ultra-secure StorZon environment. It’s designed to make your data available to authorized users whenever and wherever there’s Internet Cloud access on whatever computer or mobile device they prefer to use. In other words, you get Personal/Local, Private, Public and Mobile Cloud Storage.

Awesome – your very own mobile cloud. That last line smarts of the HP cloud spoof video from a few years ago (see below) itself a superb comic addition to the internet.

If DuracellCloud is a spoof it is fantastic and just made my day a little better. If however it is legit…. then the world just went a little more insane.

Source: Forbes

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