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Nissan Leaf Covers 400 Miles at No Cost

Nissan Leaf may just be the first car to cover a trip of 400 miles at zero fuel charges. The Nissan Leaf is an electric car that has gone the distance although recharging it was a bit of a hassle along the way.

Feb 4 2014, 3:14am CST | by

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Nissan Leaf Covers 400 Miles at No Cost

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Nissan Leaf Covers 400 Miles at No Cost

The journey was from London to Edinburgh. And the surprising thing is that it didn’t cost a single penny. Although the electric car had to be recharged for a total of nine shifts along the way, still it is the first time that petrol charges have been annihilated in the quest for zero costs. 

And of course the speed was not very fast as is evident by the 12 hour transit time. All it took was a series of charging stations along the way. The whole trip cost next to nothing which is a miracle of sorts. 

One of the drivers was Red Dwarf thespian Robert Llewellyn. He and his friend David Pellow began the road trip and made their regular stops for recharging along the way. 

Each time the charging merely took half an hour. The car had cost them 16,000 pounds. But the journey was free of cost. The car travelled a distance of 55 miles per recharge stint. The two seem to have broken the previous record for such an epic voyage of sorts. 

The last trip took four long days. But this time 12 hours is the net total time the journey required. This record has made electric cars a safe and sound alternative to regular gas guzzlers. The Nissan Leaf is indeed an electric car par excellence. It may just be the wave of the future.   

Source: DailyMail


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Update: 11

World's cleanest car is a self-washing Nissan Leaf


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Update: 10

Nissan Leaf Video Highlights Use Of Recycled Materials

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As you drive your shiny new Nissan Leaf out of the dealership in silence and zero-emissions cleanliness, it's easy to forget all the resources and energy that have gone into building it. Those are a necessary evil as far as car production goes, but companies like Nissan are doing their best to reduce the environmental impact ...
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Nissan Leaf Recalled For Electric-Motor Problem

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Maple Leafs phones ringing as trade talk heats up

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