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Tim Tebow Wins Big In Super Bowl Celebrity Brand Competition

Feb 6 2014, 2:58am CST | by

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Tim Tebow Wins Big In Super Bowl Celebrity Brand Competition

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Tim Tebow Wins Big In Super Bowl Celebrity Brand Competition

Kudos to Bob Dylan for showing his capitalist colors. Ellen Degeneres proved she can dance (sort of). And Bruce Willis — who thought he was culturally relevant enough any more to star in a Super Bowl ad?

But the biggest personal-brand winner on Super Bowl Sunday clearly was Tim Tebow. And it wasn’t just because his successor as the Denver Broncos quarterback couldn’t get the job done in the Big Game.

Tebow earned raves for the two ads in which he starred for T-Mobile because he gave detractors pause, gave doubters reason to smile and gave fans yet another reason to applaud how he rolls with the punches.

Shoved out of professional football and without real prospects for returning, what does Tebow do? He goes all jujitsu on the realities and uses his apparently negative circumstances to create a new role for himself as a light-comic pitchman — and to bring plenty of positive buzz to his brand sponsor.

Recall that in 2010, Tebow was controversially the star of a Super Bowl ad by Focus on the Family, along with his mom, who had decided against advice to abort him. But on Sunday, T-Mobile took the risk of putting him front and center in not one but two key, very expensive Big Game advertisements.

And it was in a way that couldn’t really have offended anyone. Tebow was pictured in a variety of fantastical roles—as an obstetrician, a bull rider and a rock star—that he could fulfill without a contract.

Get it? Tebow can’t seem to get a contract as a professional quarterback anymore so he’s got to find something he can do without such a pact; and T-Mobile users don’t need a contract.

T-Mobile found an effective way to brush aside Tebow’s polarizing effect and make a brilliant statement about how its brand helps build a better world. And in the process, Tebow showed how he could do that too.


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Update: 11

We're Already Designing Babies

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Update: 10

How Long Until Tim Howard Gets Tim Tebow'd?

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100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Arrivals
I'm not a soccer fan and didn't pretend to be these last few weeks.  I am a fan of America though, so I rooted for our team and its break-out star, Tim Howard.  He's been making the media rounds, but an article in Huffington Post showcased a side that no other media outlet has.  Tim Howard is a committed Christian. In an article for Athletes in Action, the goalie describes being diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome at the age of 11 and turning to ...
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'An Important Step In Our Nation's Journey'

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