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Android vs. iOS – News for 2014

Android and iOS are both amazing mobile platforms that have room for improvement. Many people feel that one platform trumps the other. But, is it really like that? Is one really better than the other?

Feb 24 2014, 4:43am CST | by

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Android vs. iOS – News for 2014
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Android vs. iOS – News for 2014

Android is Linux-based and open source platform, and although it is considered to be more PC-like, the uniform design elements of iOS are considered as being more user-friendly. Android is the most commonly used platform for smartphones in the world, and moreover, it is used by different phone manufacturers. iOS, on the other hand, is only used by Apple devices’ owners.

What can we expect in 2014?

What we know for now is that Android is the winner when it comes to market share in the last year. From October 2013 to December 2013, Android topped its competitor in Europe, 68.6% to 18.5%. The largest European markets are Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. In the U.S., Android’s lead over its competitor was smaller, 50.6% to 43.9%. In China, iOS share was 19% vs. 78.6% for Android. iOS definitely leading in Japan with 68.7%, and not just that, but it’s No. 1 at the largest wireless carriers in Japan, including NTT DoCoMo, AU’s KDDI, and SoftBank.

Nicole Leverich is Mixpanel’s director of corporate communications. She said that 2014 will probably be an Android year, while iOS will keep winning in tablets. The difference that is expected to be seen this year is in the devices. By the end of this year, it is expected an amazing diversity regarding devices like phones, tablets and phablets.

Following are some arguments that the Android and iOS users said about these two mobile platforms:

  • Android is more customizable, while iOS feels way more fluid. Android offers an open platform, while iOS offers walled and closed garden. 
  • Android users can get apps from Amazon Appstore, AppBrain and Google Play, which is not the case with iOS because the iTunes Appstore doesn’t allow anything with downloadable code. 

When we look at these two platforms on a higher level, it seems like Android moves slow with updates. Some people say that Android is a platform for those who like to think outside the box and who like to do a little messing around on their phones, while iOS is a platform for those who want something that is proven to work. However, others think that iOS offers an amazing platform for tinkering, as jailbreaking allows various options.

In the nineties, Netscape Navigator battled Microsoft Internet Explorer in the great Internet-browser wars. A decade ago, Yahoo! and Google locked horns regarding Internet search – and we all know who won there. Today, the tech conflict is between Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone operating system for supremacy. Each of these three clashes defines a part of the Internet history. 

Android vs. iOS is no different. Could these two platforms finally put an end of this war? Nope, not a chance. All we have to hope for in this battle for smartphone supremacy rages between these two platforms is – may the better win – not the company that has the best lawyers.


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