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Most Addictive Mobile Games Ever!

Gorging yourself on a plenty of different games is probably one of the most ‘likeable’ benefits of having a mobile phone. We all waste countless hours on our mobile phones playing games, trying our best to beat the scores of our friends.

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Most Addictive Mobile Games Ever!
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Most Addictive Mobile Games Ever!

Who needs sleep when you can play games? Mobile games are entertaining people for quite some time now. Whether you’re waiting for a bus or need some kind of distraction, these games are always here for you to keep you occupied on your hour-long ride. So, which are the most addictive mobile games?

  • Angry Birds – We cannot help but mention Angry Birds – one of the most popular games available. The best thing about this addictive mobile game is that it is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of one’s age or taste in mobile games. As a matter of fact, the basic concept of this game is so easy that everyone can understand it. You’re destroying pigs by using birds so that you can retake the eggs of the birds. Yes, it’s that simple.
  • Fruit Ninja – Some say that Fruit Ninja is a lot more than just a simple mobile game; it’s an amazing education experience that offers zen wisdom. The person who stands behind this game is a pure genius. This game is so simple, yet amazingly addictive. You need to slice each fruit that is tossed on the screen without dropping it. You have frenzy banana that creates frit explosion, and freeze banana that slows down everything, allowing you to accomplish more. But, be careful, there are bombs that need to be avoided.
  • Temple Run/ Temple Run 2 – Temple Run is great. Temple Run 2 is amazing. Both versions are visually polished; all you have to do is to swipe, tilt, and tap your phone to avoid the giant monkey who apparently, wants to eat you alive for no reason at all. If you still haven’t try this game, don’t wait longer; download this game and experience one beautiful world rich with high graphics and gaming experience. After Angry Birds, this game is the most successful Android game.
  • Flappy Bird – Flappy Bird – the game that came into our lives, took our souls, and disappeared just like that. This game became so addictive that even the creator Dong Nguyen removed it from the market. He said that this game was doing more harm to him than good. When the game was pulled, Dong received hostile responses like suicide tweets and death threats. Even though most of the messages weren’t serious, still, you can get the idea of how addictive this game is/ was.
  • Snake – We can’t talk about mobile games without mentioning Snake – the ultimate game for mobile phones. This game is probably the most addictive game ever! Gobbling blocks in order to make your little snake grow longer would not be that difficult if you weren’t constrained to a small screen space. Available in different forms and shapes on almost every mobile platform, Snake is an amazing trip down memory lane on modern smartphones.

Cut the Rope, Plants vs. Zombies, Racing Moto, Candy Crush and Clumsy Ninja are some of the games that are also very addictive. But, are mobile games linked with addiction or advantage? We all know that anything in excess can be pretty bad. Mobile games are one of the most fun aspects of your life, and therefore, you shouldn’t turn this aspect into a negative addictive thing, right?


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