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Behold: Actual Pi In The Sky On Pi Day

Mar 14 2014, 10:31am CDT | by

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Behold: Actual Pi In The Sky On Pi Day

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Behold: Actual Pi In The Sky On Pi Day

Today and every March 14th (3/14) is a day of much reverence for math geeks worldwide. Better known as Pi Day, given its connection to perhaps the most well-known mathematical constant that begins with 3.14 and goes on with an infinite march of decimals. To commemorate the day this week in Austin during the annual South By Southwest festivals, one company literally put Pi in the sky. and its fleet of planes took to the skies around dusk in Austin on Pi Day Eve, writing out the infinite number across as much as 100 miles of sky. Here’s how the company says they did it:

The conceptual work will consist of five synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology flying at 10,000 feet altitude while skywriting the first several hundred characters of pi’s infinite sequence. This spectacular performance will be displayed by AirSign Aerial Advertising. AirSign’s skywriting team will create a spiral several miles wide, as the aircraft emit numbers that measure a quarter-mile in height centered on the Austin Convention Center and viewable from the entire city and its surrounding areas.

The number was written out to several hundred decimals, snaking and looping its way around the skies above Texas’ capitol city.

I have to wonder what will be done to top this next year, which will be the biggest Pi Day ever, on 3/14/15, since Pi when calculated to a few more decimal places is 3.1415.

You can watch the Airsign fleet in action in the video below.

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Source: Forbes


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