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Sleep Deprivation can have Unhealthy Consequences

Some people think that they can get away with skimping on sleep. But the thing called sleep deprivation can have some very unhealthy consequences.

Mar 17 2014, 6:11am CDT | by

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Sleep Deprivation can have Unhealthy Consequences
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Sleep Deprivation can have Unhealthy Consequences

You may believe that a few hours less sleep on a daily basis is okay and not something to get all uptight about. But beware because such a pattern of life where you get insufficient sleep on a regular basis can ultimately ruin your health. And the fact is that a day or two of missed sleep is not as bad as months of skipping the total hours needed for mental refreshment and replenishment of brain chemicals.

The sleep debt accumulates and then has to be covered as the body gives signals for a little shut-eye. One-fifth of Americans are insomniacs. They don’t get quality sleep. Sometimes the sleep deprivation results are funny such as when you start nodding off in an office meeting. But at times the effects may be deadly such as when you start to snooze while driving a vehicle. 

The condition can be a hazard to your life. Not only are you putting your thinking on the line but your emotions and physical well-being too may be compromised in the process. This hunger for staying awake may just prove to be a welcome sign to a host of illnesses. 

Sleep deprivation leads to a blunting of reflexes. When the time in which you react to immediate situations is dulled the chances of accidents is automatically increased. A man who has not had a refreshing night of restful sleep is like a drunkard. 

Then there is the issue of faulty memory. A man whose body and mind are craving sleep may end up missing vital details of information. The chances of making silly mistakes are increased manifold thanks to sleep deprivation. Then explosive anger, depressed mood and frustrated attitude all enter the equation. 

A list of the diseases you could contract by missing out on those Z’s is frightening indeed. From obesity to cardiac arrest to diabetes and cancer, you are setting yourself up for an early grave by not sleeping enough. Early to bed and early to rise is the only method of countering these conditions. 

Sleep hygiene is the way. Keep noise to a minimum in your bedroom and also turn on the fan or air conditioner to cool it. Stress relief is another way of treating insomnia. And avoid coffee, tea or alcohol around bedtime. They are not conducive to letting you sleep soundly. 

Finally, keep the lights off since pitch darkness is the ideal soporific. Follow these guidelines and you will sleep like a newborn baby and get up fully rejuvenated and ready to face the day with vim and vigor. 


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