Unemployment Benefits Extension to be Delayed

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Unemployment Benefits are to be Forestalled
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Unemployment benefits extension as per governmental initiative are facing barriers. They are too be forestalled due to a senate speaker’s decree.

The unemployment benefits deal could be delayed by months thanks to bureaucratic rigmarole. At least this was the warning given by the governmental unemployment officials. The procrastination could extend to the June 1st date of expiry. 

The time between the decree of law and the implementation of the orders could be one to three months depending on the particular state. So this is not an easy proposal. The whole issue of taking from the rich and giving to the poor is pretty complex when you come to think of it. And the retroactive bill may not work as smoothly as expected. 

Especially, speaker John A. Boehner has fulminated on the matter at some length. He says that the bill is largely unworkable and infeasible. The whole shebang has everything to do with the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act. Whether the poor really need a handout or not is the real question. 

According to RollCall Blogs, "Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio cited the letter in his own statement Wednesday, saying it showed the Senate bill was “simply unworkable” and failed to meet his test that it be fiscally responsible and help create more jobs."

But many feel that Boehner’s spanner in the works can only be the result of a hardhearted approach. The $300 dole that the long-time unemployed will be getting may be the only thing they have to hang on to other than a lifetime of begging or crime. 

After all, if the unemployed do not get employed they often get unconsciously employed in the black market and other shady professions. Therefore it is better that they should get enough to eke out an existence on this planet. The distribution of resources is an extremely complicated process which has much wastage and fallout. 

Seldom is it 100% efficient. Especially in the United States whose economy is stagnant at present (it grew by 2% last year), the people slipping through the cracks need all the help they can get. Contrast that with the world’s fastest advancing economies (India and China come to mind) and there it is a whole different story. 

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