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Oscar Pistorius is Selling Home

Oscar Pistorius is selling his home where he killed Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius needs money to pay his legal bills.

Mar 21 2014, 3:42pm CDT | by

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Oscar Pistorius is Selling Home
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Oscar Pistorius is Selling Home

Oscar Pistorius looks to have less money now. According to People , the athlete's lawyer has announced on Thursday that Pistorius is selling his house. And he is going to sell the same house in which he killed Reeva Steenkamp. Actually Oscar Pistorius needs money to pay his legal bills.

The latest details in the Oscar Pistorius trial have the evidence going in favor of the prosecution. Oscar was a Para-Olympics sprinter. He was known as the blade runner for his prosthetics with which he ran avidly on track. 

According to the prosecution, Oscar had been poring over vehicle and pornographic websites on his iPad a day before the grisly murder. He fired several shots at Reeva while she was bathing behind a shower curtain in the washroom. 

Oscar was her boyfriend and even now he claims that it was an accident. According to Oscar, he though it was a burglar in the house and fired by mistake. But the evidence proves him a liar and a fake. 

Reeva screamed in between the shots according to neighboring witnesses. It had been enough of a signal for Oscar to desist from inflicting more murderous shots in her direction. 

The first bullet hit her in the hipbone thereby making her fall in the tub. Then a second shot missed her and ricocheted off the wall. Its fragments bruised her back. The final two bullets hit her in the skull and punctured it. She lay dying with her head slumped over the toilet.

"After the wound was inflicted to the head, she dropped immediately," Captain Christiaan Mangena, a police ballistics expert, said. "She was in a seated position on top the magazine rack and she just dropped towards the right hand side, whereby the head ended up on top of the toilet seat and the upper body was between the head and the magazine rack."

"Look at the wounds sustained by the deceased," he said. "If it's two double taps, then all the wounds would be in the same position. There wouldn't be any time for her to change position in that instance. It's impossible."

The bloody details given verbally in court were so explicit and full of gore that they made Oscar put his fingers in his ears out of sheer agony. Whether this was genuine pain felt upon hearing about his girlfriend’s horrific death or another ploy to gain sympathy will remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma. 

Furthermore, the websites he visited a night before the killing were also confirmed. It looks like Pistorius had some issues or demons of his own which he took out on his angelic girlfriend. His trial will continue and is to be shortened after such convincing evidence. Next time he will be the witness and answer some flaying questions from the prosecution lawyers. 

Source: Telegraph


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