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Kate Mara is an Actress with a Difference

Kate Mara wears what she wants, acts with whomsoever she likes and is to be a part of the Fantastic Four reboot version. She is a funky actress with a difference.

Mar 22 2014, 4:22am CDT | by

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Kate Mara is an Actress with a Difference
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Kate Mara is an Actress with a Difference

Her ensemble which she was recently seen in had a football player’s shoulder pads. It had a quirky traditional style about it. And besides the animal print blouse with flared shoulders, the pants seemed to be more like breeches. 

While it was a bit odd, she managed to pull it off with relative lack of self-consciousness. That’s the thing about Kate Mara. And though she may have gone from one small time role to another, with House of Cards she made the grade. 

And when she acted with Kevin Spacey, she was apprehensive since she thought that he may be too serious and somber a personality. But according to Kate, Kevin was a funny guy who made her laugh. 

And now she is to be one of the stars of the Fantastic Four reboot version. This new episode will feature Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell as the fabulous group of super heroes and a super heroine. 

The first of these will play the Human Torch. Mara and Teller meanwhile will be acting in lieu of Invisible Girl and Mister Fantastic. Bell on the contrary will act as the Thing. It’s been half a decade since the movie has been in the making. 

And now it is finally ready to roll. The original version showed Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffud. Kate Mara will enjoy being the substitute for Jessica Alba. Her acting ability will be tested till its elastic limit though. How she fares is something that only time will tell. 

But Kate is a clever girl who has what it takes to face any challenge thrown at her. She bends like the willow instead of breaking like the oak. Her fans will be on the lookout for her appearance in the Fantastic Four reboot version which will be out soon. 


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Kate Mara: Fantastic Four not based on comic book

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"Fantastic Four" Reboot NOT Using Comic Stories

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