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Detroit Snow Record Broken

Apr 16 2014, 4:15am CDT | by , in News | Other Stuff

Detroit Snow Record Broken
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Detroit had the most snow fall ever this winter. The snow fall of yesterday pushed this season to the snowiest ever in Metro Detroit.

This winter was hard for many areas in the United States. Winter is still here and in Detroit for instance it snowed again on Monday and Tuesday. This new snow fall has pushed the overall snow fall to 94.8 inches for the 2013-2014 winter season. This breaks the record set over 130 years ago.

According to Detroit News, the winter of 1880-81 had 93.6 inches of snow. The new snow record is twice as much as normal. Another interesting fact the Detroit News mentions is that Fairbanks in Alaska gets about half less snow within a full year. 

Most records are cause for celebration, but I guess Detroit is frustrated with the snow they had this year. Let's hope Spring is finally getting the upper hand ending the misery. Today it will be mostly sunny in Detroit hitting 46F.

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