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Robin Thicke's Dad Alan Thicke Returns with Unusually Thicke

The originator of the hit single Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke and his dad Alan Thicke are definitely in the limelight. The former is wooing back his wife while the latter has returned to TV with a reality TV show titled 'Unusually Thicke'.

Apr 16 2014, 8:18am CDT | by

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Robin Thicke's Dad Alan Thicke Returns with Unusually Thicke
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Robin Thicke's Dad Alan Thicke Returns with Unusually Thicke

There have been countless occasions when the Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke has asked his wife in the public eye to come back into his life. Paula Patton and Robin were almost “splitsville” when Robin started to blur the lines (so to say).He wants his wife back and every moment away from her is hell. What Paula thinks is anyone’s lucky guess. Meanwhile, Robin’s father, Alan Thicke has a reality TV show ahead titled very aptly Unusually Thicke

Alan Thicke is a ripe 67 years old. His third wife Tanya, who is approximately half his age, features in the show too. And his teenage son from a second wife also happens to be a permanent cast member. Unusually Thicke TV show is both real and a little unreal. While the situations the three find themselves in are pure reality they do rehearse some of them beforehand. 

"It's real with a nudge and a wink," Alan Thicke tells TVGuide. "It's part-reality, part-sitcom. I never was so presumptuous to think that we're interesting enough to be followed around with cameras with no plan and have it at all be entertaining. My insecurity about that was, 'Let's have a story.' We tell our stories, but we'll do it in an embellished kind of way. We're not scripted, but we are plotted."

Alan Thicke has gone on to speak about his son’s plans regarding his failed marriage with Paula Patton. Although he won’t be including any segments dealing with Robin and Paula’s breakup, he says that he wishes them the best of luck in getting back together again. After all, one wants ones children to be happy. 

"I get all kinds of Robin love and I love that," he says. "Somebody asked me in an interview not too long ago, 'Are you jealous of Robin's musical success?' I said, 'You don't have kids, do you?' Because any parent would understand. It's a great thrill." As for his eldest Brennan, his son's job presents quite the quandary for Thicke when he tries to have the "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll" talk with Carter. "In real life, Brennan owns a medical marijuana dispensary, a cannabis shop. It's completely legal," he says. "The challenge is the great hypocrisy of how do you support one kid's business while at the same time telling the other one not to smoke weed? We do a whole episode about that."

The reality TV show, Unusually Thicke, follows an interesting narrative in the ordinary everyday lives of Carter, Tanya and Alan as they go about their usual business. Tanya and Carter poke fun at Alan during the show pointing out his bad habit of hoarding things. He in turn decides to enact a garage sale. Thus in a similar manner several situations are explored for their experiential value.

"We start adding the other elements, like, 'Why don't you have a celebrity auction? Bring in Bob Saget,'" Thicke says. "So I knew he was coming, but acted like I didn't. But everything that happens [at the garage sale] is real. We wanted to do something a little different like that — taking family drama but showing the funny side of it. What we're hoping for is we'll find that niche. Most of what we show is our reality, but you have to give that last little punch."

Alan’s son, Robin, does make a few cameo appearances on the show. Alan had the right to exploit him at least for what he was worth. And while not all will get exposed much of the dirty laundry will get washed in public as is the way of reality television. 


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