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Dyson Vacuums to Make Robot Vacuums

Dyson vacuums are to acquire robotic tendencies by making robot vacuums, thanks to the plans put into place by the company founder Sir James Dyson.

Apr 19 2014, 4:52am CDT | by

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Dyson Vacuums to Make Robot Vacuums

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Dyson Vacuums to Make Robot Vacuums

Sir James Dyson has begun thinking about putting his company’s vacuum cleaners to use in more humanitarian Blue Angels commandercauses. Especially the employment of artificial intelligence and robotics in these vacuums will help make them fit to do a lot more than just clean out residential trash.

An input of over five million pounds has been made for this project on which more than a dozen scientists will be working. According to Guardian, "Sir James Dyson is taking on the might of Google by investing £5m in a British university to develop a new generation of "intelligent domestic robots".

His company, best known for its vacuum cleaners, is putting the money into a laboratory at Imperial College London, which has begun hiring up to 15 scientists who will work on developing robot vision systems that could be used in devices such as robot-controlled vacuums – a longstanding ambition of Dyson himself." 

Technological solutions that make life simpler and more enjoyable are the ultimate goal. This could challenge the high and mighty Google which is notorious for snatching up robot companies. Dyson company, best know for its vacuums, was established by Sir James Dyson in 1985. Dyson currently have more than 5,000 employees worldwide and its  turnover was reported to be £1.1bn in 2012.

"It seems a pity to me to sell out, as I don't quite understand the urge to give up," Dyson told the Guardian. "Long-term thinking is essential to new technology. We should be encouraging UK companies to invest in R&D and take on armies of engineers so that they can grow and become UK world-beaters." 

Computerized vision will allow the robotic vacuum cleaners to see in and around corners. It’s been more than ten years since these plans have been in the pipeline. Yet now they are to go into effect. There are robot vacuum cleaners out in the market for example the Roomba by iRobot. But this will be the first time Dyson comes out with its very own version(s).

Dyson consultant and leader of its robotics project at Imperial College, Prof Andrew Davison, said he would be working on "perception and computer vision technology, with the goal of developing a new type of robot that can move beyond controlled locations such as factories, and into a wide range of applications and products in the home, and difficult environments."

Furthermore, Sir Dyson has chalked out a program of cleaning up rivers and waterways via a vacuum system. It will be machinery that will collect all the trash in the form of plastic and debris littering the oceans, rivers and seas. 

The fact that many wildlife species are direly affected by plastic disposed in rivers by human beings means that the vacuum will be good for conservation purposes. Besides, a sparklingly clean waterway looks much better than one filled with gunk. 

Meanwhile, the robot vacuums still remain something on paper. They have yet to be translated to reality. But the day they are, things will be different from the present day list of daily chores a normal housewife has to do. 

"Professor Davison was the first to use vision as the only sensor on a robot," Dyson said. "Vision is key to creating a robot that can see and think in the way that humans do. Combining Dyson expertise in motors, electronics and artificial intelligence we hope to create a new generation of intelligent domestic robots."

The Dyson robot vacuums will perform all the cleaning responsibilities on their own leaving the matriarch of the house free to enjoy her leisure time.   

Dyson said: "I've no idea what companies Google intend to buy. Dyson aren't about to launch a car or a search engine. We are focused on developing technology for domestic robots for the home that logically navigate their surroundings."


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