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Brittney Griner Felt Weird being a Gay Athlete at Baylor

The basketball ace, Brittney Griner recently opened up about her sexual orientation in her book “In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court”. She blamed her university for using her talent while telling her implicitly to keep her lesbianism a secret.

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Brittney Griner opens up about her Sexual Orientation
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Brittney Griner Felt Weird being a Gay Athlete at Baylor

Brittney Griner spent her years at Baylor University in the capacity of a basketball legend. WNBA basketball player led the university through one victory after another. 

In an interview with SI, Brittney Griner said that her experience to be a gay athlete at Baylor "was different, weird. People definitely knew. They overlooked that part of my life. But I had a great time there. I met some of the greatest people that I am still friends with and people who reach out to me."

"I [feel] good about Baylor. I went to Homecoming this year and I came on the field behind the football team. When I walked on the field, everyone started cheering in the stands. It was a good feeling. I cheered my girls during the NCAA tournament. They did awesome. Odyssey [Sims] led her team far. She made people turn their heads and look at Baylor. So I still [feel] good about Baylor and about Coach [Kim] Mulkey," added Griner.

Yet she says that some of her experiences at the avowedly Christian university were negative and highly painful. Especially one of the coaches told her in so many words that he didn’t care what color she was or what she had done so long as she kept shooting hoops diligently. 

The selfsame coach even warned her to keep her lesbian sexual identity something which only she knew. He or the university didn’t want the truth to come out. However, where it suited them, these educational bigwigs went ahead and employed her to help their university shine out as a producer of sports stars. This blatant hypocrisy reeked of double standards. 

Griner grew up to be a very tall and athletically gifted person. Her sexual orientation was something which she was unable to express openly thanks to the Christian ethos of the university. She says that though she holds no ill will against the university, which had acted as a launch pad for career, she won’t be acting as an ambassador for it anytime soon. 

The experiences are too bitter and excruciatingly painful for her to even think of such a thing. She has tried to erase some of her personal wounds by sponsoring an anti-bullying app. Called BG: BU (Be You) the special application allows you to seek resources that will help overcome the scourge of bullying. 

“Growing up, I went through years of bullying with people teasing me and picking on me for being different,” says Brittney Griner on her IndieGoGo page. “I know how hard it can be to constantly be put down, and I know that it sometimes feels like it’s never going to get better. BG: BU provides something I wish I had when I was younger—an outlet to talk about what’s going on.”

It is clearly stated in the prospectus rules of the university which Brittney went to that the topic of sexuality was to be kept within biblical norms on campus. Alternative sexual orientations were to be kept in the closet. 

Brittney Griner said that Baylor "have that policy about being openly gay or lesbian so they kind shaved -- PR shaved those questions away -- but that is the policy at Baylor, and that's why I did not get those questions at Baylor."

Brittney has finally heaved a sigh of relief about her personal identity and admitted on twitter that she is a lesbian. The wait for freedom of expression is over. And she is happy after a lifetime of insults and putdowns.    


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