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Medicine Reminding Apps

Taking medicine or vitamins on a regular basis can be hard to maintain especially if it isn’t the maintenance type but rather an antibiotic that should just last for a week, or for hourly cold medications. We all know that missing a pill can be really annoying as it changes the entire time cycle of which you take them , or if it’s an antibiotic, then you might just be making yourself worse rather than better.

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Medicine Reminding Apps

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Medicine Reminding Apps

For these medicines, and especially for the older and more forgetful generation, there is an app that can help remind you that it is pill time.

  • RxmindME – this app was created in partnership with Walgreens, the largest drug retailing chain in the United States with 8,678 stores spread throughout the country. This app allows you to link to Walgreens and send them your prescription needs. Once received by Walgreens, they will promptly make a delivery for you or prepare your prescription for pick up. 
  • Pill Monitor – this app is similar to a digital Monday to Sunday pill box which creates a chart of your daily medications and organizes them for you to have a clean and clear reminder. This app will also e-mail a log to your specified address of which pills and which days you have already been through.
  • Care4Today – this app is in partnership with Johnson and Johnson, a very large company that has been around since 1886. Companies don’t last this long for no good reason. Johnson and Johnson have been one of the top contenders on the manufacturing and distribution of health and wellness products. To stay with the times, Johnson and Johnson has developed an app that reminds the user that it is time to take his medication; this app will also keep a log of which pills have been taken or missed. One of the best features of Care4Today is its ability to link to family fi care providers for them to see for themselves the progress of meticulous pill timing. 
  • Med Helper – when you receive a result for a test or from a doctor, this app allows you to send notifications to your family, care providers, and people that have business knowing this information. 
  • Pill Reminder – in partnership with, one of the leaders in online medicine distribution. This app can be placed on a tablet where multiple accounts can be created within it for medicine monitoring and reminding.
  • Medisafe – similar to the functionalities of other medicine reminding apps, this one is capable of translating to French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Danish.

The prevalence of smartphones has reached all people regardless of employment distinction, income rate, or age. If children as young as six years old can have smartphones, then why can’t a 90 year old? Because of the great diversity in every aspect of smartphone users, many apps have been made to specifically cater to a certain group, one of which are apps that can remind adults or the elderly to take their medication when it is due.


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