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Chris Jericho Asked to Return to WWE

The Fozzy Band Member Currently Has Other Commitments

May 10 2014, 11:32pm CDT | by

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Chris Jericho Asked to Return to WWE
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Chris Jericho Asked to Return to WWE

The WWE has contacted wrestling star Chris Jericho about a potential comeback to the industry.

Rumor is that the WWE contacted Jericho earlier this week about a possible comeback later this year.

Jericho is currently touring with his band Fozzy.  He stated that he has made several commitments to other projects -- and doesn't have a timetable on returning to the WWE.  He was interviewed by the Mirror and asked if he had any plans to return in the future.

"No time soon, I left last July and I've been working pretty much non-stop since then between Fozzy tours and doing the new Fozzy record and writing another book and doing my podcasts and a web series. There are a lot of projects in the Chris Jericho pantheon as always.

That's not to say that I won't go back but I have no plans as of right now, just because I have so much other stuff going on that I'm enjoying.

We'll see, there's no controversy or animosity it's more of a timing thing; the timing has to be right for me and right for the WWE as well. When it is I'm sure we'll both consider me coming back."

Fozzy is a heavy metal band that was started in 1999 -- and features Jericho as the lead singer.  The band consists of Jericho, along with members of the rap metal band Stuck Mojo -- which include Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere.

Jericho was asked about his current relationship with the WWE and if he stays in communication with them by Mirror.

"For relevant reasons. Once in a while you'll shoot texts back and forth with somebody, or if there's some business thing going on, like if they need something signed or a scan for a video game or something like that but it's not like I talk to the WWE every week and give them my thoughts on what's going on with them or they call me and give their opinions on what I've been doing.

It's a business relationship and like everything else when you're gone you're gone and when you're back you're back and if there's anything in-between on a business level or a personal level I'll get in contact with them.

I have a good relationship with the WWE and there's no animosity but it's not like we're calling each other every day finding out what we had for dinner that night."

For now fans will have to settle for highlights of Jericho's previous matches.  One of his last highlights can be seen below.


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