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Shannen Doherty Tells Tori Spelling To Love Herself

“Love yourself.” Shannen Doherty wants Tori Spelling to love herself and to do whatever is necessary to survive “such a harsh business” and remain happy.

May 17 2014, 12:00am CDT | by

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Shannen Doherty Tells Tori Spelling to Love Herself

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Shannen Doherty Tells Tori Spelling To Love Herself

Shannen Doherty appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show Thursday, May 15th, to promote her latest project, Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys, produced by Aslyum--the same people who brought you Sharknado. Wearing a black dress and minimal make up, she was all smiles when sitting down to the interview.  Hall originally interviewed Doherty on his first talk show in the 1990s. He reminds the audience “there was always stuff on my card about who you were battling with” on the Beverly Hills, 90210 set—complaints that have followed throughout her career.

When talking about Jason Priestly’s memoirs referring to her a ‘diva’ with demands of limo rides as a teenager, Hall quickly inserts that she requested a Vespa to pick her up instead of a limo. She admits to being “social with people,” and enjoying Sergio, the driver sent to pick her up and listening to opera along the way. She doesn’t really like being separated from the driver, hence the Vespa. She concludes it to be “best ride ever” while laughing.

She dismisses the claims of diva hood and battles between costars (and Luke Perry’s pig). “It was so long ago and I would have to refer to the hundreds and hundreds of journals” in order to show and “account of everything that happened.” Without contradicting her former costar’s claims, Doherty muses that “everyone has their own version of the truth, and memories are very funny things.”

But Priestly’s memoirs was not the main focus of the interview. Tori Spelling’s public breakdown of her marriage to Dean McDermott took center stage.

Twenty years ago, the Doherty and Spelling feuds plastered the media, but it seems the two are currently in a good place. Shannen admits to being glued to the television in shock, just like the rest of the viewers of Lifetime’s True Tori. True Tori documents Spelling’s life after Dean McDermott’s infidelity left her a single-parent while he recovered from a stress-related mental breakdown. Doherty finds the other woman’s “baring of soul” and the cathartic process to be a personal decision. She says to the host, "I certainly hope it works out for the best."

When Arsenio Hall asked what advice Doherty would offer Spelling in putting all issues on the television, she replied, “I would tell her to do whatever she felt was the best for her” while expressing empathy for her former costar. “My heart breaks for anyone in that situation” and acknowledging the marital infidelity and rebuilding does make “some amazing TV” for the audience.

As Arsenio muses that “problems like this come about because of a lack of self-esteem issues,” Shannen candidly opens up about life as a celebrity and how hurtful the impact can be. “People tear you apart every single day. You always question yourself. You look in the mirror and you don’t see someone beautiful.”

Shannen offers a final, sincere piece of advice before the segment ends: “I just hope Tori loves herself. She’s a beautiful girl and she needs to ignore the haters.”



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