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Don't Call Them Mommy Bloggers

Mommy bloggers is a no-no term. So what do parent bloggers want to be called?

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Don't Call Them Mommy Bloggers
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Don't Call Them Mommy Bloggers

According to Ad Week, the term “mommy bloggers” is so passé and downright outdated. Freelancer, social media consultant, or writer all provide a higher marketability.

Marketing to mom bloggers isn’t easy. Neither is earning a good paycheck, it seems. During the blogging bubble, everyone had a blog and some made cash if one was willing to put in a little effort. Some, not all. But that was okay since blogs provided extra cash—a little mad money here and there. 

Goodness the world has changed. 

Ad Week put out an infograph documenting a recent Type-A Parent study on the payout for parent blogs, and the largest payout seems to come from sponsored posts by brands and/or agencies. Creating content online for part-time bloggers doesn’t offer a lot of money anymore. 

Only a little over 29% earned less than $100 a month with 16% saying that earned $101-250. 13% report making absolutely no money while 1% claimed to make $5,000 or more every month. Interestingly, 77% reported blogging for at least three years, so the lack of money is confusing as marketers begin targeting and promoting brands through social media—and blogs are definitely money makers nowadays.

Of the 266 participants, parenting and product reviews placed the highest topics with technology and causes as the lowest. In between topics included topics, food and/or health/diet/fitness, and travel. Noting the lack of focused blogging, perhaps marketing fails based on the lack of cohesive community. Marketers focus on the best way to make money and talking about causes doesn’t bring the same return as product reviews. 

But networking is important. This includes going to conferences like BlogHer and handing out business cards when self-promoting. Sites like VistaPrint and Moo Cards offer business cards for a decent price.” Under the ‘business cards’ label, VistaPrint has a section titled ‘mommy cards.’ For $8.00, a customer can buy 50 cards, which is much cheaper than the 50 cards for $20 deal at Moo Cards. Those prices are important since 82% admitted to investing in business cards.

Online marketing has changed since the advent of the parent blogs, though. 

Now marketing is done through social media and the only social media majority of the users consider important is Pinterest, where the average user had over 14,000 fans. And the community seems to stick together rather than networking outside and creating individual traffic hits. In fact, the average respondent had 422 LinkedIn connections, but only .4% claimed to advertise on the site. 30% said they advertised on Facebook, while only having approximately 4,667 fans. 

Yet the blogs are not earning enough to justify the cost. So do marketers and bloggers come together? That’s the red-hot question no one quite as answer for just yet.

Source: Don't Call Me Mommy Blogger: Little Respect, Less Revenue

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