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Best Diet Foods

Best diet foods for a fit body requires an eclectic approach. A multipronged effort that uses all the diets as tools for weight reduction is the ideal norm.

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Best Diet Foods
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Best Diet Foods

You are your diet. What food you put into your mouth counts for more than any other external factor. They say the word diet contains the word “die”. And this may be one reason no one likes to diet. It is a boring and tasteless process that leaves you exhausted and craving all the delicious junk food in the world. It is a fact that the body has a set point.  

Thus if you tinker with the food supply by as much as a few slices of bread per day, your body will have you eat a whole pizza later on to compensate for the deficit. So the right method of eating to lose weight is not to forgo any one nutritious element but to eat everything in moderation. 

If there are any diet foods that actually work in real life, they can be counted on the fingertips. The Atkins Diet which stresses on the consumption of high quality proteins and fats and the elimination of refined carbohydrates has some truth to it. Then the Mediterranean diet where you enjoy citrus fruits, lean meats, olive oil, whole grains and vegetables is another path that leads to weight loss.

Arthur Agatston’s South Beach Diet has a lot of wisdom to it, but you won’t be able to follow it for long. Dining on fish, chicken, lentils, beans, leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as good fats in the form of extra virgin olive oil is a sure fat-burning formula. 

Meanwhile, the Slow Carb Diet popularized by Timothy Ferris bans all white refined carbohydrates such as flour, rice and sugar. But the problem is it also cuts out all fruits and dairy products. However, you get to eat all you want once per week.

The most popular diet last year was the Paleo style of eating. According to the food experts, our bodies were designed to eat natural stuff. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds and of course the flesh of animals are all suitable for human beings. 

However, with the coming of agriculture, grains and dairy got added to the list. Many people are gluten-sensitive and lactose-intolerant though. Wheat and milk therefore doesn’t suit everyone. Furthermore, junk food which is so widely available today thanks to the McDonaldization of society is a prime culprit in various autoimmune diseases. The global epidemic of obesity would be erased in a jiffy were everyone to switch to a Paleo diet plan. 

Basically, the whole program is based upon the statement that Nature is never wrong. An all-natural diet of whole foods that the people from our caveman past ate is ideal for the human body. The body gets confused when you introduce processed and packaged items into it which are loaded with artificial preservatives. The followers of this diet food plan consume fresh materials directly from Nature have the bodies to prove the efficacy of the diet.

The thing is that while these stratagems may work for a while ultimately everyone down to the last man and woman will revert to his or her original style of eating. So the most sensible methodology is to eat everything that you were enjoying previously but to divide it up into portions. 

Thus if you were eating three meals a day why not divide each one so that you will be eating six mini meals per day instead. It is overeating that causes obesity. Moderate the fats and the carbohydrates and keep the proteins high. And drink tons of water but not with meals since it interferes with proper digestion. 

Recognize when you are satisfied and stop eating at that crucial stage. Most of all eat slowly, enjoying each bite, and thoroughly chew your food. That is the only sane style of losing the pounds for good. All the rest is mere commentary and will only make your goals more complicated. 


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