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Jon Stewart Questions Why Same Iraqi Advisers Are Still Talking

The Talk Show Host Thinks It's Funny The Speaker of The House Wasn't Conservative Enough

Jun 17 2014, 8:33pm CDT | by

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Jon Stewart Questions Why Same Iraqi Advisers Are Still Talking
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Jon Stewart Questions Why Same Iraqi Advisers Are Still Talking

Jon Stewart has his opinions about a lot of politicians in Washington.  His rhetoric generally reflects that of most of the views that stem from Hollywood.  This time around he's beginning to question why the same exact people who were 'experts' on the first Iraq war are able to continue to go on TV to talk about being 'experts' in the current conflict that is starting to engulf the northern section of the country.

Who does the American news media choose to explain the current crisis in Iraq? In Jon Stewart's opinion, the same exact people who got it so horribly wrong the first time around.

"If you remember in the original rush to war – I mean diligently-planned, internationally-sanctioned freedom rave – there were some individuals who were wrong about the whole fucking thing, just wrong, just dead wrong, about everything, all of them," Stewart said on last night's episode of The Daily Show

He continued: "Those idiots were ostracized, never heard from again, because of how – I'm kidding. Because I think we all know four wrongs make a right. And in this current crisis, the news media has rushed to get the band back together again, and they all have the same advice."

In a report by The Wire , He even made sure to throw in Senator John McCain as the ring leader for the voices who speak as experts on the war in Iraq as the escalation of violence continues to grow.

"His advocacy of the Iraq war was legend, his sophisticated knowledge of the region unparalleled, in that it did not parallel with anybody who had knowledge of the region," Stewart said. "And since John McCain was one of the wrongest before and during the war, it's only fitting that during this current crisis he was on so many shows, you'd think he just won Dancing with the Stars."

Stewart was also stunned on last Wednesdays show by how Cantor was apparently too liberal for the conservative base, one of the many takeaways from the cable news “broader lesson-mobile!”‘

But what amused Stewart most of all is that this defeat means that compromise in Washington and immigration reform are both dead… as if they weren’t before. Stewart cried, “Oh, no! Congess’ current gold age of cooperation and productiveness is over!”


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On Immigrants, Diseases, and Fishbowls

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Israeli/Hamas Divide Brings Out Best, Worst in Modern Musicians

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