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Summer Solstice 2014 Coming on Saturday

The summer solstice for 2014, longest day of the year, is to arrive towards the end of this week on Saturday to be exact.

Jun 19 2014, 8:02am CDT | by

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Summer Solstice 2014 Coming on Saturday

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Summer Solstice 2014 Coming on Saturday

The longest day of the year is about to come in its sweltering heat soon. The summer solstice for 2014 is almost here and our planet is at a special juncture on its path around the sun. 

The summer solstice will be especially evident in the northern hemisphere. Since the earth is settled about its axis on a slight tilt, the sun’s position changes with respect to the sky. 

"If the solstice falls on June 21, why is it that the warmest days are usually a month or two later? That's because it takes the Earth a while to warm up in summer and to cool down in winter," states

"All of Earth's seasons lag about six weeks behind the exact dates dictated by the geometry of Earth's orbit. While many people think the solstices mark the start of summer and winter, they actually represent the midpoint of each season, even if it might not feel like it."

There are basically two solstices in the course of a year or 365 days: the summer solstice and the winter solstice. The word solstice means “sun stationary”.

It is a Latin derivative. And in the southern hemisphere things will be diametrically opposed to what you see in the northern. Saturday will be the shortest day of the year. Now that is a paradox indeed!

In the southern hemisphere we have what is called a winter solstice. And this precise situation is reversed when we come to December 21st. Then, in the northern hemisphere it is the shortest day and vice versa in the southern. 

Of course, the earth takes its time to heat up in summer and cool down in winter so there is a mismatch. Many people nowadays avail the services of specialized computer devices which allow them to track the paths of planets and astronomical bodies in the night sky on the occasion of the summer/winter solstice. 

The equinox and the ecliptic are both special features in this game of sky-watching and stargazing. The elliptical paths of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are followed with keen avidity by the aficionados and every detail is recorded with zeal. 

Astronomy as a science is the oldest just like psychology is the youngest. And what exactly keeps us looking up into the heavens to find order among the stars remains a mystery. Maybe we are looking at the fact that for every individual on earth there shines a star in the empyrean heights.  

Meanwhile, Pepsi is also celebrating the Summer Solstice 2014 with special concerts On Vevo on Saturday, June 21, 2014. Pepsi and Vevo are celebrating the Longest Day of the Year with 4 concerts that will be streamed live.

The Pepsi Summer Solstice Concerts will kick off on Vevo at sunrise and will close at sunset. These four coast-to-coast concerts will feature Prince Royce, Cher Lloyd, Kid Ink and Timeflies at different places.

Timeflies kicks off the day at sunrise in Montauk, NY at 5am ET. Kid Ink has a surprise for fans as this concert will be held at a mystery location in the Central time zone at 2pm ET/1pm CT. 

Cher Lloyd will also perform at an unexpected location in Base of Grand Tetons, Jackson, WY at 6pm ET/4pm MT. And Prince Royce will end the day with a stunning sunset performance at the ocean in Malibu, CA at 11pm ET/8pm PT.

Fans can watch these exclusive performances live by downloading Vevo's free mobile/tablet and TV apps or by going to Pepsi or Vevo websites. Each show will be rebroadcast until the next performance begins. Video on demand from each show will also be available at Pepsi's official website and across Vevo's platform and in the coming days.


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