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Doctor Who Will Be Back on August 23

Doctor Who will return on August 23, 2014, with a new Doctor and a new tour. The international tour will be August 7-19.

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Doctor Who Will Be Back on August 23
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Doctor Who Will Be Back on August 23

Doctor Who returns on August 23, 2014, and will introduce the Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, in "Deep Breath."

Zap2it’s Chris E. Hayner notes the release in “'Doctor Who' Season 8 sets August 23 premiere date with new teaser.”

In Eleven's swan song, "The Time of the Doctor," the audience saw Twelve in action. Complete with manic behavior and a tattered Raggedy Doctor style suit. 

On June 27, BBC released a 20-second trailer of the Doctor clouded in darkness while the TARDIS exploded in the background while the website announced August 27 as the premiere date. Too bad that didn’t match the August 23 at end of the promo.


The date problem was quickly fixed. The bigger problem to solve is will Clara survive this new Doctor wearing a short trench coat with some red satin, Third Doctor flair?

And judging the by the relationship between Doctor and Clara, it looks like a new kind of Doctor’s arrived.

A disorientated, steel-voiced Doctor asks Clara to “be my pal and tell me: am I a good man?” Meanwhile the Impossible Girl has a hard time answering and relating to this new person in her life as the TARDIS spins out of control.

"I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore." There's a sad, fearful note in her reply. Looks like the silly Doctor is on leave while a new one forms searches for answers about the core of Twelve.

During "The Day of the Doctor," a brief cameo at the winged, almost angry expression showed a Doctor without 9's constant searching of good in the universe, 10's compassion, or 11's need for adventure while professoring.

Something deeper lies beneath this Doctor's surface.

So who is Twelve?

If you're a fan looking to see Capaldi and get a sneak peek to find out the answer at July’s San Diego Comic Con, you're out of luck. No Doctor Who panels for you.

Under the radar, BBC released a new kind of tour this year. Unlike previous years, filming is still ongoing and the team can't afford to take time off to finish up the series.

Instead, Doctor Who talent will do a quick press tour across five continents in 12 days. (Get it?) Tour talent will be Capaldi and Coleman, as well as Steven Moffatt (show runner and writer) when schedule allows.

The tour will include stops in Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York City, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro. Fans can catch the tour August 7-19. 

New York will be near the end on August 14. 

Capaldi can’t wait to conquer the Big Apple, either. “Jenna and I are thrilled to be heading for the Planet of Fans.” BBC America’s Richard De Croce, who’s in charge of programming, had the best reply. “It’s going to be epic.”

Tour and Who coming to a city and TV near you!


Sources: Zap2it, BBC, BBC


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