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Summer Time Tips for Pet Travel

It's summer and the sun is getting hotter while the day get longer. So find tips on how to travel with your pet.

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Summer Time Tips for Pet Travel
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Summer Time Tips for Pet Travel

With July the 4th coming up this week, people with pets are scrambling for good places to stay that will allow pets. So it's not surprising social media is flooded with information.

Not everyone wants to leave Fido or Fluffy behind. offers many choices and chains. Additionally, there’s places for you and your pet to do things together so they’re not left alone all the time.

Similarly, offers a list for owners to search based on city, dates, and number of rooms. Pretty much for pets since you can “book now.” Hotels are verified and the information is up-to-date. There’s also a list of vets/dog parks/shelters in case you need the information.

Lynda Shrager's "Help pets enjoy the journey in safety" for the Albany Times Union reminds owners that travel care doesn’t just centers around good places to stay. 

If you're traveling by car, make sure the car is ventilated enough. It's not just about rolling down the window anymore. 

Overheating is a problem, and can lead to severe problems. And if you're using a kennel or carrier, make sure there's enough room for the animal to turn around and move if needed. 

Don’t leave your pet in a parked car. It's summer and temperatures can rise fast. Shranger notes with windows cracked open several inches, "It takes about 10 minutes on an 85 degree day for the car to reach 102 degrees."  

The author reminds, "On a comfortable 70-degree day, the interior temperature of the car can rapidly increase by 20 degrees." That’s a lot of heat for something without opposable thumbs to turn the car and vents on.

And to go along with don't overheat your pet, keep them hydrated. 

Try putting plastic water jugs in the freezer before the trip since a pet's stomach can be very sensitive to changes in water. And don't feed the animal right before you go. Give them a few hours between to settle before the long, jarring car ride.

A really good plan is to try practice runs where you take the animal in the car beforehand, so the car’s movements minimize stress. 

Also car harnesses are great for relieving stress if your pet doesn't do well in small spaces. Just make sure you get one that works well. Go into a pet store and ask, bringing the pet if possible. Have the sales person show you how to use the harness. 

Securing the animal is vital to a safe trip. 

Another good plan: using proper identification. 

Have identification that can withstand serious destruction (like a metal color tag on the animal) and if possible, microchip as extra precaution.

Bring all vet records and current picture with you, too. Place the info in a safe place, like the dashboard, so it’s easily accessible. Good idea to add the pet’s medication and first aid kit with records as well. Emergencies happen. And if you pet is scared of fireworks, check out the ASPCA's app.

Shranger recommends packing a pet suitcase/bag holding leash, food, water, bedding/blanket, toy, litter box/scooper if needed, grooming supplies, and cleaning supplies. Anything you use on a daily basis and follows the pet’s routine.

While these tips are meant for a car ride, they’re definitely useful if you’re traveling by other vehicle. Common sense tips we pet owners tend to forget until we’re smacking our heads in annoyance once we’re the destination.



Source:,, Albany Times Union


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