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Monica Lewinsky Appears in Exclusive Interview

The Clinton Affair occurred in the late 90s. Its central figure, Monica Lewinsky appeared in an exclusive interview recently and cleared up many things.

Jul 2 2014, 8:25am CDT | by

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Monica Lewinsky Appears in Exclusive Interview
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Monica Lewinsky Appears in Exclusive Interview

President Bill Clinton engaged in some sex-related activities with a White House internee by the name of Monica Lewinsky way back in the late 90s. 

He was almost impeached for lying while on oath regarding his illicit affair. Clinton of course was a married man and Hillary was his wife while Chelsea was his daughter. 

After much of the media circus and tongue wagging was over, Hillary forgave her husband and Monica was left high and dry with a book to her credit titled My Story. 

Today almost a decade since her first interview (in 2003), Monica Lewinsky paid Nat Geo a visit and engaged in a one-on-one interview in which she laid bare all the details regarding her scandal and the misunderstandings it engendered. 

She has given interview to National Geographic Channel's special "The '90s: The Last Great Decade ." Her exclusive interview will be aired in three parts. The first part will debut this Sunday.

She has said such things as the fact that she was innocent until the whole Clinton affair got started. And the level of degradation and dehumanization she had to face were simply massive and colossal.  

She made mention of the lengthy and lascivious Starr Report which told everything about her private relations with Clinton. It was the worst experience of her life, she said. 

“That was one of the worst days of my life. I was a virgin to humiliation of that level, until that day," Lewinsky said about the release of the Starr report.

While Lewinsky has been lying low since that fateful day when the whole world came to know about her and Clinton’s intimacy, she admits that she had become the most humiliated woman in the world thanks to the stupid mistake she had made of getting on close terms with the President of the United States

"I was the most humiliated woman in the world," Lewinsky said. “To have my narrative ripped from me, and turned into the Starr report, and things that were turned over or things they delved out of my computer that I thought were deleted. I mean it was just violation after violation."

She said that the notoriety and bad fame she had attracted like flies to honey thanks to the affair were things which had made her life a living hell. She did not have a normal life anymore thanks to the unnecessary publicity she had received. 

“To be called stupid, and a slut, and a bimbo, and ditzy, and to be taken out of context, it was excruciating,” Monica Lewinsky said. “To be in the vortex of this media maelstrom was quite alarming, and frightening. And confusing. I think a lot, too, had to do with the fact that I was a woman."

The entire world looked on her as some sort of plaything or toy for men. And now she was giving this interview because she wanted to regain her life and make a few things crystal clear including the fact that she too wanted a simple and ordinary life like everybody else.  

Source: Today via LATimes


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