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iPhone 6 will be Hard To Kill with Sapphire

Jul 8 2014, 1:14am CDT | by

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iPhone 6 will be Hard To Kill with Sapphire

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iPhone 6 will be Hard To Kill with Sapphire

Back in February, I told you how Apple’s deal to secure $578 million worth of sapphire meant only one thing: the front cover for the iPhone 6 would no longer be Gorilla Glass, the Corning product Apple has used for years. Now, thanks to Marques Brownlee, we can see how that major change in materials will mean a much more scratch resistant, harder to break iPhone. In a new video, Brownlee shows off the front piece for what is ostensibly a 4.7-inch iPhone 6. He scratches it with keys and a rather substantial pocket knife and tries to bend it to the point of breaking. In all cases, he fails to damage the piece.

Because he’s using a part and not an actual phone, Brownlee admits he couldn’t do some of the normal torture testing one might do to find out how durable it is. For example, he couldn’t drop an iPhone 6 on the ground to see if the screen glass shattered — that will have to wait until the iPhone ships in September — but he did establish its durability.

Obviously, this will be a welcome change if the final shipping product is anywhere near as robust. Millions of iPhone owners have used screen protectors to guard against small scratches forming over time and countless others have suffered the indignity of having a shattered front glass resting over their screens because they either didn’t know if was replaceable or hadn’t had the chance to get it fixed. The smartphone repair service iCracked  is basically named in honor of this all-too-frequent occurrence.

There had been rumors that the sapphire front piece would only appear on the larger of the new iPhones, the 5.5-inch model that’s expected, but today’s parts leak all but confirms what was surmised back in February: both new iPhones will get sapphire. Apple has deployed the material before, both to cover the fingerprint sensor and the camera lens on current models, and it’s been used on high-quality watches for a long time. But a rollout of this magnitude is essentially unprecedented, which is why Apple needed to secure the supply from GT Advanced so far in advance.

Brownlee was excited about the optical clarity of the sapphire, as well as its apparent thinness. Both of those tidbits are good news as concerns had been raised that sapphire would be thicker and less transmissive of light than Gorilla Glass. Corning, for its part, has been dismissive of sapphire claiming that it will result in inferior battery life or dimmer displays. Whether any of this is true remains to be seen. As Gordon Kelly reported earlier , the latest rumors regarding the new iPhone’s battery are discouraging. But we know much less about what’s going on there than we do about the new display cover.

In the meantime, the iPhone launch draws closer, with an expected announcement 2 months away and a release date before the end of September. Parts leaks are likely to continue, thanks mostly to Sonny Dickson , who sourced the front that Brownlee used in his video. Dickson abused the part less than Brownlee, however, perhaps fearing he’d break it. As the video below shows, that’s apparently not easy to do.


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Update: 11

JPMorgan states sapphire covers to be rare for the iPhone 6

Source: I4U News

Though we have been hearing about a sapphire glass display for the upcoming iPhone 6 in most of the leaks, JPMorgan Securities Ltd thinks the opposite. According to w ...
Source: I4U News  Full article at: I4U News 5 days ago, 6:59am CDT


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Update: 9

Video shows supposed 4.7-inch 'iPhone 6' display scratched by sandpaper, suggests not sapphire

Source: AppleInsider

YouTube On Stage Live From The Kennedy Center
In a video posted to YouTube late Friday, a part purported to be Apple's "iPhone 6" cover glass was again exposed a torture test, this time failing to resist scratches from garnet sandpaper, a mater ...
Source: AppleInsider   Full article at: AppleInsider 5 days ago, 1:22am CDT

Update: 7

4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel Subjected to More Rigorous Scratch Tests, May Not Be Sapphire

Source: Mac Rumors

YouTube On Stage Live From The Kennedy Center
Last week, a video posted by YouTube user Marques Brownlee showed the alleged front panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 being put through a number of scratch tests and significant bending. Now, Brownlee has released another video putting the same display through more rigorous scratch tests, this time with two different types of sandpaper. Brownlee cites the Mohs scale of mineral hardness in his testing, which is a scale r ...
Source: Mac Rumors  Full article at: Mac Rumors 5 days ago, 12:02am CDT

Update: 6

It looks like some iPhone 6 buyers might not get sapphire displays

Source: BGR

Apple is expected to use sapphire glass in its iPhone 6 front panels that cover the handset’s screen, although reports thus far have different takes on the scope of the company’s sapphire display use. Some say Apple will have enough sapphire displays for all iPhone 6 models this year, while others say the special glass will be used only on the 5.5-inch model, as the company will struggle to mass-produce enough units. Now, a new note to investors from JPMorgan ...
Source: BGR   Full article at: BGR 6 days ago, 11:30am CDT

Update: 5

Analysts believe sapphire display covers will be limited to high-end iPhone 6 models only

Source: 9to5Mac

Once Upon a Time in Beitou Premieres in Taipei
Analysts at JP Morgan securities suggest that production output of sapphire display covers are not enough to satisfy all iPhone 6 demand and say that sapphire will be restricted to higher-end variants of the iPhone 6 only, in a report highlighted by the Taipei Times. JP Morgan says that sapphire display cover volume will be about 10 million units in 2014. To put this number into perspective, Apple sold 51 milli ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac 1 week ago, 8:27am CDT

Update: 4

REPORT: Apple's Will Release 3 Different iWatches This Year (AAPL)

Source: The Business Insider

"Tammy" Apple Pie Truck
Apple's iWatch will supposedly come in three different variations when it launches later this year, according to a new report from Chinese media outlet Economic Daily. There will be a model with a 1.6-inch screen and two different versions with 1.8-inch displays, says the report which was first spotted by GForGames (via 9to5Mac).  One of these 1.8-inch models will also feature a sapphire crystal display, the same material Apple is rumored to ...
Source: The Business Insider   Full article at: The Business Insider Jul 15 2014, 9:12am CDT

Update: 3

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Get New Mega Evolution

Source: ign

Nintendo Kids Corner Event At E3 2014
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are set to feature a new Mega Evolution in the form of the Steel and Psychic monster, Metagross. The latest trailer for the game, which you can see below, reveals the impressive new version of Metagross, and also confirms the gym leaders and Elite Four have all received makeovers in preparation for their 3DS debut. By far the most exciting, however, is the news that Pokemon Amie returns, granting the optio ...
Source: ign   Full article at: ign Jul 15 2014, 2:30am CDT

Update: 2

Corning thinks sapphire displays are trash

Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Global Film Premiere
With the rumor mills whipping up a storm around some alleged sapphire displays for the next iPhone(s), you can imagine that Corning -- the company that that makes the Gorilla Glass displays Apple has been using for a while ...
Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog   Full article at: The Unofficial Apple Weblog Jul 14 2014, 3:00pm CDT

Update: 1

New Video Reveals the Indestructible Sapphire Glass Display

Source: Apple Balla

The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Global Film Premiere
Apple might build the screen of iPhone 6 with outstanding durability, as a new video shows that its display is quite difficult to break.The video has been published by Marques Bro ...
Source: Apple Balla   Full article at: Apple Balla Jul 13 2014, 5:16pm CDT

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