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Lisa Kudrow Returns with The Comeback

LisaKudrow is literally going to come back with HBO's The Comeback in its second season of six episodes on television.

Jul 11 2014, 7:00am CDT | by

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Lisa Kudrow comes back with The Comeback

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Lisa Kudrow Returns with The Comeback

The Comeback is expected to arrive in its full glory for the second season. And Lisa Kudrow is going be at the epicenter of it all.  Lisa Kudrow will play the role of actress Valerie Cherish in six-episode season 2 of HBO's The Comeback. 

The former Friends star, who played the dumb yet cute blonde in the series, will be hooking up with Michael Patrick King for the new season of The Comeback. 

See below the Photos of Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King.

"Lisa and I would meet over the years, socially, because I' m no fool, and it's fun to be around Lisa, and every now and then it would drift to an idea of, 'I wonder what Valerie would be doing now?' but it was too much of a thing to even say we would even come back," King told reporters on Thursday afternoon at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills.

Kudrow and King began discussing the option of a revival of the show when they got a hint from HBO. Especially, King praised HBO as the chief inspiration behind the whole initiative.

“It was allowed to be this original thing that really couldn’t be fit in a box, and that was only because it was on HBO,” said King.

The level of creativity and the free hand that HBO granted to both of them to create the series was seldom seen in this world. And the timing was perfect. 

It was almost like everything just dovetailed in a most terrific way. “It just felt like the right time for us and for these guys,” said Casey Bloys, HBO EVP of programming. “I think HBO is in a different place than it was nine years ago, and we had the room to bring it back. The future of the network doesn’t depend on this show… Everybody was just ready.”

HBO too has changed as a television channel and so its policy allowed the program to rerun on its platform.  However, with the busy schedule of HBO, things are still a bit tentative. 

“Could it happen? I guess, but with their schedules, I have no idea, and we didn’t build it as a series with locking everyone in,” Bloys said. 

“It’s hard to say, but if it does fantastic and everybody loves it…” There are a lot of loose ends and things will have to mesh together for The Comeback to literally come back on the scene. 

King admits that the power of the character of Valerie Cherish on the show is such that it exudes power and aphrodisiacal passion. 

“Valerie is a powerful being,” King said. “She doesn’t go away—she may power down, but she doesn’t go away.”  It just might allow the series to be rejuvenated and revamped back into existence.

"The DNA that we liked about Valerie is her in front of a camera. ... What was happening last time on television seemed to be the birth of reality television and an actress' need to be in front of a camera. And this time, we found a different way to get her in front of a camera because we wanted to evolve the character," Michael Patrick said.

"Reality TV is not where we land," King added. "It is where Valerie starts trying to land, and then she goes somewhere else when she gets cast on a show on HBO." 

Besides this, the coming together of all the cast members of the show will be a lengthy and hectic process. It will take quite some effort and energy on the part of the directors and producers. 

“We got to tell a story and we got to bring back all the characters we thought were essential,” King said. “Over the 9 years, odd things have happened, like [the success of] Malin [Akerman] who was unknown and Kellan [Lutz] who was unknown … we’re bringing them back as meta versions of themselves as bigger stars.” 

“The show is the same as it was nine years ago,” Lisa Kudrow said. "My experience has been that younger audiences, younger people, already know about it and have already seen it and fully appreciate it and there's no question mark for them, and they didn't see it nine years ago."

"We will not have to explain a woman who doesn't have financial problems, putting herself in front of a camera and putting herself in harm's way. That's already in the world," Michael Patrick King continued. 

"What we do with it from there is our sort of swing at storytelling to make it be a beginning, middle and end of Valerie and her life."

Many things have already transpired on the show and what is left is to chart a way out into fresh creative ground. And this is no easy task. It requires a talented scriptwriter and a lot of brand new ideas that will shape and give the storyline its flavor. 

The scenes the narrative will present before the audience in the form of moving pictures that talk will have to truly entertain if it is to get its money’s worth. 

Source: Variety, AccessHollywood


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