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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Trying to Make Each Other Jealous

Selena Gomez is over her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Right now all she wants to do is to get on with her life. She has a new boyfriend Tanz Watson while Bieber is trying to make her jealous by posting his intimate pictures with new girlfriend Yovanna Ventura on social media sites.

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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Trying to Make Each Other Jealous
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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Trying to Make Each Other Jealous

She is alive and well and in fact she is kicking! Selena Gomez is well past her crisis of confidence and partying in the high life in NYC. The brunette Chica is high as a kite and could not be doing any better. And while she and Bieber are not on dating terms, the two remain friends nevertheless.

"There will forever be an emotional connection for them, but they don't have a title to their relationship. He is not her boyfriend, but the feelings are always going to be there," a insider told E! News, adding that Gomez "is trying to move on with her life and focus on her."

Selena has several more friends she can rely on in the absence of the Bieber boy who was nothing but trouble. His wild child ways would have dragged her down in the dirt too. It was high time she left him for someone better. While she may still be on talking terms with Bieber, he is definitely not her love interest. 

Those days of them in each other's arms are gone with the wind. Selena Gomez meanwhile was seen getting all hot and sweaty and cuddling with 26-year-old Tanz Watson. He is a male model. 

Watson posted above picture of the two together on a twitter. Selena seems to be literally clinging to him. Bieber on the other hand too is trying his best to make Selena green with envy. 

He was snuggling with Yovanna Ventura and an electronic piano was laid out before him. And Bieber also posted an Instagram of himself and Yovanna at dinner in LA. He captioned the pic: "dinner for 2 ;)." See the Instagram below.

Sources close to the exes tell TMZ that "Justin religiously watches Selena's every move on social media." And Selena Gomez is also doing same.

It sure looks like the jealousy games have begun between Selena and Bieber. The two appear to be putting the “ex” in sex. It is most probable that both Selena and Bieber may be feeling pangs of heartache whenever they see the other in someone else’s arms. 

But that is the reality of the situation. You cannot unscramble scrambled eggs. Their relationship has moved beyond the repair process into the doomed forever category. 

It will take a miracle for Justin and Selena to be back together again. They have seen enough of each other’s dark sides to become sick and tired of the constant stormy links that got forged and broken time after time between them. 


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