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Why Isn't Motorola Being Raked Over The Coals Over Droid X Bugs?

This is worse than the iPhone's antennagate

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Why Isn't Motorola Being Raked Over The Coals Over Droid X Bugs?


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Why Isn't Motorola Being Raked Over The Coals Over Droid X Bugs?

When the serious iPhone 4 antenna design flaw hit the blogosphere, there was a media explosion and Apple hate campaign almost like we've never seen before. Yet, one of the most high-profile Android phones to date has much more significant, extremely crippling glitches that still haven't been fixed, and no one is really calling for action.

When the Droid X got its update to Android 2.2, almost immediately users began reporting issues of phones crashing, screen display bugs, and apps becoming completely unusable. In addition, it became impossible to download any new apps because the Android Market completely vanished.

It took Verizon forever to finally issue and update the buggy Android 2.2 file, which did actually take away most of the severe errors. But one thing still remains a problem for almost every single Droid X owner - there's no Android Market, so there's no way to install apps. You know how you see all those commercials advertising Android's huge repertoire of apps? That means nothing to people who paid for the expensive Droid X.

I don't want to hear any comments from people who will be quick to jump on me as some sort of rabid Apple fanboy. I own a Droid, love the Android platform, and personally have a lot of resentment against Apple and the cocky Steve Jobs. But the lack of support from Motorola and Verizon here is inexcusable.

The Droid X isn't some podunk little phone. When it launched a few months ago, it was surrounded by huge hype. The device sold out on day one, even surpassing Verizon and Motorola expectations. In major cities, there were lines wrapped around Verizon stores on the day of its launch.

Of course, it sort of got sweeped under the rug quickly, because the Droid 2 launched just a couple weeks later. But millions of people still got their hands on the Droid X.

Even when the Android 2.2 update Droid X file was originally released, almost no one talked about the paralyzing glitches, except for those affected.

If something like this happened to the iPhone, we'd never hear the end of it. It's just so weird to see that such a glitch still exists on one of the most popular Droid X phones, and no one in the media is getting really riled up about it.

The worst part is neither Motorola nor Verizon has any real comment about this. They're not sure how it happened, or how to fix it. And this is something that has been a problem for MONTHS. Of course, there are other Android glitches that never really get any attention either.

One that has personally affected me is if you have a pattern lock on your phone, and accidentally enter the wrong pattern too many times (say it rubs against your jeans' pocket for a while), it asks you to type in your Google Account credentials to unlock the phone. The only problem - these credentials will never authenticate. And it is no longer possible to enter the touch pattern. So it essentially disables the phone. Despite multiple bug reports to Google, this issue has not been addressed.

Anyway, that diatribe aside, it needs to be reiterated that Android is not a perfect platform. But people are all too happy to just write about the praises of a little open-ended mobile OS that could. Keep in mind, though, that bad things happen to anything when it grows too much too quickly.

I'm just saying...


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