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Apple Launching Beats-Powered Music Streaming Service in June

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Amazon Kindle is on Fire [Photos]

Sep 28 2011, 10:46am CDT | by , in News | Tablets

Amazon Kindle is on Fire

Jeff Bezos definitely declared war on the iPad and all eBook reader makers with today's Event.

I am still trying to digest everything what Jeff Bezos unveiled today in New York. We knew that the 7-inch Kindle Fire was coming. We did not expect that it is going to sell for only $199 and that it is actually not a compromise product. It runs on a dual-core CPU and offers neat stuff like cloud accellerated web browsing. This tablet is just off the hook for that price. Sure it misses a camera and only has 8GB of storage, but it works and the UI looks great. The Kindle Fire pre-order has already started. It will ship on November 15. I highly recommend to order now. I totally expect Amazon selling out of the Kindle Fire at launch.

Besides the Kindle Fire, Amazon unveiled a Kindle Touch priced at $99. The thing looks really easy to use. A Kindle Touch Wi-Fi + 3G for $149 is also available. Both Kindle Touch Models will ship November 21. Pre-order the Kindle Touch.

But that is not all. Amazon hands out a hard blow at the low-end eBook makers with the new $79 Kindle. At $79 there is no question anymore not to buy a Kindle. Amazon dropped the keyboard making it smaller and lighter.

Below we have published a gallery of the exciting moments of the Amazon press conference. Jeff Bezos really delivered a great show and a big blow to Apple and eReader makers. Apple will fight back with iOS 5, but not a new tablet this year. I already feel sorry for all Android tablet makers. The Holidays belong to Amazon and Apple.
See also the new Amazon Kindle Fire TV Commercial.

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