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Samsung ES8000 Smart TV is Packed with Sweet Features

Jun 7 2012, 7:00am CDT | by , in News | Home Entertainment

Samsung ES8000 Smart TV is Packed with Sweet Features
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This TV may have the coolest remote control ever.

Samsung has recently launched its latest smart TV on the market. The new TV is called the ES8000 and it has some very interesting features that should make it one of the better Smart TVs on the market. The TV has an LED backlit screen for better color and less power consumption. It also has a very thin bezel allowing it to be mostly screen when viewed from the front.

In fact, the bezel is so thin Samsung designed a little bump on the bottom in center to show its logo. One other thing Samsung is focusing on so keenly with this set that many manufacturers overlook is new and unique ways to control the action. One of the coolest features is that the remote control supports gestures for navigating through all the Smart Content on your TV such as apps, Web services, and entertainment options. Even cooler than supporting gestures is that the Smart Touch remote control also has a microphone.

That means you can use your voice to navigate the smart content on the TVs internal menus. This means that you can say different commands navigate through menus on the TV rather than having to wade through a bunch of different screens. I can see being able to say picture settings and go directly to the settings menu is being much more convenient than having to work through two or three different levels of normal menus to reach what I'm looking for.

The TVs in the ES8000 series also support gesture control thanks to that cool camera on top. That means you can use hand gestures to navigate channels, selecting a nap, and for navigating various web pages you might want to visit. We've seen this interaction on Samsung's recent Seductive Motion commercial that went viral on YouTube.

One feature that Samsung is integrating into the ES8000 smart TVs is face recognition. This is the first time I've ever heard of facial recognition being integrated into a TV. The bump on top of the TV screen has little camera inside and when you walk up and sit down from the TV it will recognize your face and automatically log you into your account. That means you don't have to do anything to have access to your apps. That also means that you can limit the apps your kids can access very easily using simple facial recognition. That means you'll have to remember to logout your account since the TV will recognize who is using it and log in or out accordingly.

The Samsung ES8000 series TVs is available in a new for 2012 55-inch screen size. All 8000 series sets have the same Smart Content features and a Smart Evolution capability. Smart Evolution is a port on the back of the TV that allows the set to be upgraded with new features. That means in six months when a cool new feature comes out that you really want, you can get it with an update rather than having to buy an entirely new TV.

Samsung's Smart Content has a wealth of popular apps including Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, Skype, Hulu Plus, and a lot more. Skype is interesting because thanks to the camera on top that allows you to login with facial recognition; you can also make video calls. The TVs support 3-D content allowing you to watch the newest 3-D content from your satellite or cable provider as well as Blu-ray 3-D movies. Samsung also offers a SmartView application for smartphones that allows you to control basic commands and the TV such as volume and channel. To enable Smart Content to play smoothly, the series uses a dual core processor. The TVs also support 960 Hz refresh rates for smooth images even in fast-moving scenes and the series features Micro Dimming Ultimate to provide improved contrast getting better image quality. You should be able find this TV online and in stores now.

If you are ready to buy your own Samsung ES 8000 series TV, there are three versions on Amazon right now including models with 46-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch screens.

See also the Samsung Smart TV Facebook Page.


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