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AVtech Solutions VDPF2 Digital Picture Frame and MP3 Player Review

Jan 1 2010, 12:00am CST | by

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AVtech Solutions VDPF2 Digital Picture Frame and MP3 Player Review


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AVtech Solutions VDPF2 Digital Picture Frame and MP3 Player Review

published: 07/07/05 last updated: 07/07/05
Reviewer: Ken Wold

AVtech Solutions VDPF2 digital picture frame is also playing mp3 music. Digital Picture Frames have been around for a while. The prices dropped quite a bit. Ken got so inspired by the digital picture frame to become a family movie producer in his review below.

AVtech Solutions VDPF2 digital picture frame sells currently for $159.95.

VDPF2 avtech solutions digital photo picture frame mp3 review

Ever wanted to produce your own movies, choose and edit the pictures you want to see and have music integrated too? Sit in your director’s chair, pick your “stars” and have them perform precisely the way you desire. If you’re like me, you probably have those staid picture frames of family, friends, pets, etc. hanging up around the house or your already cluttered office and no one pays attention to them. Not even you (yes, we know you love them). In addition, you tire of having to constantly take new photos, have them processed at the local photo store (costly) or spend your precious time editing digital photos on your computer. Why not have the ability to enjoy a constantly changing retinue of pictures in any order you wish to see them with music playing you provide to meet the appropriate mood of the photo? Avtech Solutions, Inc. gives you these options and so much more with this mini multi-media “computer”.

You want the digital picture frame right in front of your nose? Pull the included kickstand out or place it on the wall and enjoy your personal multi-media production. A very elegant, sleek and sturdy 5.6” active matrix TFT LCD screen housed with a very user-friendly slew of control choices. Now, as a director and the producer, I need a number of options available as the “shoots” change and I need to have all of this “edited” in a number of different formats. I had to have the best to show the “public” and I found it with Avtech in this multi-faceted theater. Stick around, the show is just beginning and, yes, you’ll want to see the credits at the end. Really, you will. Ok, lights, camera, action!

VDPF2 avtech solutions digital photo picture frame mp3 review

Krista presents the AVTech Digital Picture viewer.

I want to make sure equipment for my productions arrive in one piece and this thing had Fort Knox written all over it. Best packaging of a product I’ve seen yet. Unfurled this frame, turned on the power and, voila, crystal clear screen to see all of my “work” instantaneously. Supported me with SD/CF/Memory Stick, Pro and Duo, Smartmedia (sold separately, but, hey, what great support). Did I mention they have another digital frame (VDPF2+CRW) that provides you a 42 in one card reader? Now you know. My “production company” thinks of everything! How about a credit card sized remote control for the lounging director in me? They slipped in an S-Video out cable too. There’s even a “bee hive” rubber mat to set the frame on for absolute stability. As a director, I don’t want to do too much so I expect my “assistant” to make it easy on me. The remote and on-screen menu certainly allows me to sit back and direct. The intuitive menu let’s me point-and-shoot by selecting among the music, photo, video and file boxes. Go within each and select precise multi-media selections you’ve placed aboard it with your plethora of media choices. I used my SD and CF cards to load my just produced photos (all 500).
I made sure lighting was the best possible for my showing by adjusting the on-board contrast, brightness, and zoom functions. Perfect. First edit of the production was outstanding. Next, I moved onto a little movie time. I downloaded a few music videos I really enjoy (keeps me focused) and the convergence of video and music was fantastic. I was glued to my little movie studio screen. It even worked great with my video glasses. I cranked up the volume and was moving to the music in no time. Amazing, I thought. I can actually leave this on my desk, watch videos I love, pictures of anything at anytime AND with integrated music. Now, any good movie production has to have special effects and Avtech supported my production perfectly (all this with no cost overruns). I could view all my work via thumbnail or select any photo for full frame viewing. I could also select transition effects such as slide show (auto/manual), fast, normal or slow (three, 10 or 30 seconds each) and was able to listen to my favorite MP3 songs to go along with the “feeling” I wanted to convey for each photo or movie. Music setup gave me the ability to repeat one or all music files or play randomly.
I don’t need any MP3 player any longer! The speakers are adequate, but simply plug in your own external speakers or headphones and the sound is fantastic. Next, I hooked my movie studio up to my multi-media PMP/PVP to view those photos and movies I had uploaded. And isn’t it great you don’t have to use your computer to do so? Set the TV type to multi-system, NTSC or PAL and select an on-screen language. You might even consider this digital picture frame as a mini-PMP/PVP also. Store any files you want to view on this frame via the media cards and continue transferring back and forth (no need to carry the frame with you). Don’t forget the convenience of those media cards allowing you interchangeability with digital cameras, video cameras, MP3 players, PMP/PVP, upcoming supported projection/plasma televisions, DVD players and much more.

VDPF2 avtech solutions digital photo picture frame mp3 review

The AVTech Digital Picture Viewer is full of features.

And, of course, for the first “showing”, I had to show my “audience” and the family was craving their own multi-media theater (aspiring directors, you know). I didn’t have to teach them much of that art as Avtech did that for me. Ahh, I love someone saving energy and me time. My theater has been a huge success wherever it is shown. My office now grabs the attention of everyone when, previously, I couldn’t get my own secretary to pay attention to me. At home, guests stay really late while we’re half asleep from all of the great comments and looks we received as they become mesmerized by the show. I should be a traveling salesman for Avtech now, as everyone wants one. They want to send one preloaded with their own production to their kids in college, to their girlfriend/boyfriend with the best love songs/pictures they can find or as the new form of art in a museum reflecting avante garde at its best. But, as the director, I don’t need to “sell” this digital multi-media frame. It sells itself and you will love it too. Give one to your wife today and you will never have to say, “yes, dear” again as she will be too busy making her own production. You receive a one-year warranty (it will last much longer, believe me) and is compatible with most digital cameras. Now that I have learned to be the director and producer of my own show and can watch it in action anytime and anywhere I wish; I’ll never go back to those “old” static photo frames collecting dust. Precious as those photos are, I much prefer to see them “alive” much the like the real person or thing from whence they came. That’s a wrap folks. I hope you enjoyed the show and the shows you create for years to come.

Wish List
Thanks very much to my entire production company crew at Avtech Solutions, Inc. and you the audience. Now, make sure you watch those credits below! Also, every director wants to see his or her next “picture” does even better than the last. Based on the support Avtech has provided, I am sure you will see another “blockbuster” in the works with this little wish list:

- Power cord adapter port should be placed on the side of the frame as it fits tightly under the frame posing possible interference with kickstand stability
Battery support integrated to make the unit totally mobile
- Additional support for photo files (RAW, BMP, TIFF and GIF) and video (MPEG-4 DIVX and Xvid)
- Perpendicular HDD for additional on-board storage
- Soft carrying case
- USB/fire wire/wireless support
- Possible development of flexible OLED screens
- Touch screen in lieu of manual and in addition to remote controls
- Support for OGG Vorbis, WAV and lossless audio

How to Buy
The AVtech Solutions VDPF2 digital picture frame sells currently for $159.95.

AVTech Solutions Picture Frame Specifications:

Features (Credits):

  • Plays digital pictures (JPEG) without computer
  • Simply insert a compatible memory card into the digital frame to show photos, play MP3 music, or supported video files (Note: memory card not included)
  • Instantly plays MP3 music with the integrated speakers
  • Instantly plays MPEG-I files stored on supported memory cards
  • Instantly plays MPEG-II files stored on compact flash card (CF)
  • Supports up to 12 mega pixel image files (JPEG format)
  • Compatible with most digital cameras stored JPEG images including Motion JPEG files
  • Includes a credit card style remote control
  • Bright TFT active matrix LCD screen
  • Automatic slideshow with multiple transition effects and adjustable screen time
  • Plays slideshow with MP3 music in the background
  • User friendly on-screen display lets you access all controls easily
  • Audio and S-Video output jacks (video out cable included)
  • One year warranty

Package contains:

  • Digital picture frame
  • Remote control
  • Plug-in power adapter
  • S-Video output cable
  • Users manual & warranty card

Supported Memory Cards:

  • Compact Flash
  • Microdrive
  • Memorystick
  • Memorystick pro
  • Memorystick duo
  • Smartmedia
  • MMC (multi media card)
  • SD (secure digital card)
    *Note: cards are sold separately and do not come with the frame


  • Display: 5.6” active matrix LCD
  • Memory: 1MB core flash, 8MB SDRAM
  • I/O:
    • Earphone Jack
    • Speakers (stereo)
    • S-Video (NTSC/PAL)
  • Remote Control: Remote Controller
  • Power: AC Adapter; Input 100-240V; Output 12V, 1.5A
  • Mechanical
    • Dimension: 210 x 150 x 45mm (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 600g
  • Environmental
    • Operation: 0 ~ 35°C, Humidity 0 ~ 85%
    • Storage: -20 ~ 60°C, Humidity 10 ~ 90%
  • Certification: CE, FCC, UL

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