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ABI Research

Consumers Expect to Spend as Much or More than Usual on the Holidays

by Shane McGlaun
According to ABI Research consumers plan to spend as much if not more this holiday season than they have in years past despite the poor economy. ABI conducted a survey of 1,600 households and found that not all... Read more Nov 26 2008, 9:00am CST

ABI Research Says Consumer Navigation Still Faces many Challenges

by Shane McGlaun
ABI Research says that consumer navigation devices still face many challenges on the road to mass adoption. ABI says that the industry needs to focus on new features like 3D maps, multimedia, connectivity, local search... Read more Oct 27 2008, 10:19am CDT

ABI Research says the Wireless Home Office is Coming

by Shane McGlaun
ABI Research says that the wireless home office is finally coming. The research firm says the first stage of the wireless office is arriving now. UWB gear is hitting store shelves now and wireless USB tech is being... Read more Oct 3 2008, 9:06am CDT

ABI Research Says Home Area Networks of the Future will Allow Customized Energy

by Shane McGlaun
According to ABI Research future home area networks will allow users to customize the energy usage of their home. The networks will utilize smart metering that communicates electric, gas or water usage over a network.... Read more Jul 9 2008, 10:37am CDT

ABI Research Says 100,000 Femtocells to Ship in 2008

by Shane McGlaun
ABI Research says that only about 100,000 femtocells are expected to ship in 2008 across the world. The femtocell will allow cellular phone users to have a sort of mini tower inside their home or office to reduce dead... Read more May 6 2008, 8:55am CDT

ABI Research Says 2-way Communications will be Big for Navigation Devices

by Shane McGlaun
ABI Research says that by 2013 34% of all portable navigation devices will feature real-time two-way connectivity. ABI says that the two-way technology will be based on cellular technology or Wi-Fi. This connectivity... Read more Apr 16 2008, 10:23am CDT

ABI Research says 25 Million Home Theater PCs installed by 2013

by Shane McGlaun
According to ABI Research the number of home theater PCs in the living room or homes is set to boom over the coming years. ABI says that by 2013 there will be 25 million home theater PCs installed worldwide.ABI says... Read more Mar 24 2008, 9:14am CDT

ABI Research Says US TV Viewers Habits are Baffling

by Shane McGlaun
ABI Research says it conducted an online survey of 1,002 US consumers in December of 2007 to discover how service providers were viewed, what programming was used and price sensitivity toward service options.ABI called... Read more Mar 7 2008, 7:57am CST

ABI Research Says FCC Auctions Going Better than Expected

by Shane McGlaun
ABI Research says that the 700MHz auction bids continue to go up and are exceeding expectations. The FCC was reported to expect about $10 to $15 billion in bids and the current bids exceed $18.9 billion.The bidding on... Read more Feb 6 2008, 11:59am CST

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