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Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iPad launched

Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iPad launched
Announcing Adobe Lightroom mobile, a companion app for the iPad.
Read more Apr 8 2014, 2:09am CDT


Adobe Lightroom is Now Mobile With Apple iPad App

Adobe Lightroom Goes Mobile With iPad App
Adobe expands Lightroom, its professional photo editing software, beyond the desktop, with the launch of an iPad...
Read more Apr 8 2014, 1:31am CDT

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How thorough are travel brands when tracking activity on their websites?

Source: Tnoonz: Talking Travel Tech

Online travel agencies deploy the most internal systems to monitor web usage and behaviour, a study reveals. Strategy firm Lima Consulting Group and ObservePoint, a digital marketing auditing company, examined 140 global travel brands to see how they and their “marketing technologies” performed. The sites fall in five categories: OTAs, online hotel booking sites, branded sites offering hotels, airlines, and car rental sites. Tags, a ...
Full article at: Tnoonz: Talking Travel Tech 1 hour ago

Adobe Muse Makes It Simple To Create Professional Websites

When I think of Adobe, the first things that come to mind are Flash, and Acrobat—or more precisely the Reader utility...
Read more Mar 18 2014, 4:00pm CDT

What's a 'Hub,' Anyway?

Source: Gartner Inc.

Jazz In The Gardens - Press Conference
There has been much discussion of late, whispered in the hushed corridors of Gartner for Marketing Leaders’ virtual HQ, on the subject of hubs, clouds, suites — you know, those mysterious items that promise to be a kind of ERP for marketing. So storied are the expectations around these looming leviathans that they’re developing their own vocabulary. Only yesterday, I heard the following “words” spoken without a trace of flippancy, irony or shame: hubdom hubness hubo ...
Full article at: Gartner Inc. 2 hours ago

Will Big Blue rule the world of Big Data?

Source: The Drum

We’ve often written in The Drum over the past year or so about non-marcomms companies getting in on the marcomms game, be they the likes of news and magazine distributor John Menzies, or the big consultancies and auditors like Grant Thornton and McKinsey. But for the established marketing communications groups, there is a perhaps still more deadly competitor – the tech giant. I’m not talking about the likes of Facebook or Twi ...
Full article at: The Drum 4 hours ago

Adobe’s support for the ConnectED Initiative by the President

Adobe’s support for the ConnectED Initiative by the President
Adobe will contribute around $300 million in the form of free software to schools to promote the use of technology in education
Read more Mar 1 2014, 10:54am CST

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Judge OKs Bradley Manning name change to Chelsea
Judge OKs Bradley Manning name change to Chelsea
Manning wants the army to provide hormone replacement therapy
Apple Releases iOS 7.1.1 Update
iOS 7.1.1 Update brings Touch ID Improvements along with Bug Fixes
The new update fixes all the bugs which remained in the previous iOS
OnePlus One gets announced officially
OnePlus One is official now
The lightest 5.5 inch phone in the world

No-Poaching Settlement Could Spur Tech Talent War

Source: EE Times

Intel Genevieve Bell Keynote
Adobe, Apple, Google, and Intel reportedly close to settling a lawsuit over agreements not to recruit each other's employees. Tech pros could benefit from m ...
Full article at: EE Times 4 hours ago

What the Shift to Mobile Means for Blind News Consumers

Source: The Atlantic

If a website is designed haphazardly, it doesn’t only look out of control. The user experience can be just as messy for someone who can’t see. "News apps are just completely frustrating," said Christopher Danielsen, spokesman for the National Federation of the Blind. "Blind people, the way we deal with this, is we share information about what apps tend to work, so I don't tend to download something unless I have a pretty good s ...
Full article at: The Atlantic 8 hours ago

Adobe And Microsoft Team Up To Stream Sochi From The Cloud

Remember those heady days when many (myself included) doubted that high bandwidth workloads like video would live, and...
Read more Feb 4 2014, 8:30am CST


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